Georgia State Parks: Sweetwater Creek.

This year, our family decided we were going to visit a different Georgia State Park every month this year.

And the excitement I’ve felt for doing this is crazy!

I’ve been addicted to researching all the state parks to figure out which ones we should visit this year while our children are just-now-5 and almost-3.

And the best thing has happened!  I’m not only getting excited for all of our family adventures at the state parks this year, but I’ve been discovering all sorts of other outdoor places, too!

So much to see and do!  So many choices!  I’m thrilled.

So our first state park to visit in 2015 was Sweetwater Creek State Park which was a mere 20 minutes from our house!

I’m embarrassed to admit we had never been there before.


We visited on a beautiful January day — and it was MLK Day — so it was pretty crowded parking-wise.  But we got there around 11:30, and found a spot in a back lot pretty quickly, so it was only a short walk to the visitor center.

The visitor center was amazing here, by the way.  They had a lot of things for the kids to look at — lots of animals, lots of Civil War-era things, and lots of information on the textile mill ruins that were on the trail.

We walked out of the visitor center, and Alice immediately did this:


Rock star!

The hike to the textile mill ruins (it was burned during the Civil War) was perfect for us — lots of things to see and do along the way — bridges, the river, rocks to climb, different small trails to explore — it was awesome.  We all really, really LOVED it!




When we made it to the mill ruins, the kids were just thrilled.  They loved being on the rocks and exploring all around.  We spent a lot of time here, and it was great.

photo 2


Sweetwater Creek is a popular park, and I can see why.  The views are amazing, and there was so much to explore.  Even though we were there on a busy day, it didn’t feel crowded, and the kids loved making new friends throughout the day.  (No really, Tom tried to invite himself to one family’s picnic. Ha!)

photo 3

It was a wonderful, wonderful day — and we cannot wait to go back!

This visit made me so excited about the future state park visits this year.   I’m so excited to see more!


I’m documenting our adventures (as always) on Instagram.  Follow me there at loveandkate.  Tag: #12parksin2015

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2 Responses to Georgia State Parks: Sweetwater Creek.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Looks like fun place to explore. Is Alice kissing the tree in the second to last pic? And her face in the last pic is priceless.

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