Tom’s Bedroom.

A friend of mine posted an article on FB a couple weeks ago that was written by someone who had children starting college.

And in the article, she said she wished she’d taken pictures of her children’s bedrooms every year.

That pictures of their bedrooms, was a memory she wanted saved.

She said something about how you think you’ll remember it, along with everything else, but you won’t.

And I absolutely thought that was a great insight.

I’ve always loved the idea of documenting the daily happenings, instead of just special occasions.

So!  Without cleaning up or changing anything, this morning I snapped a couple pictures of Tom’s room.

This is what his room looks like — just a few days before turning FIVE!


What I see…

His room never has a made-up bed, because that’s not a chore I’ve given him yet and I never do it.  Ha!  (I never make mine either.  Super slack!)

He loves playing with those big, plastic things — they’re like a building-type toy.  He constantly makes them into swords.

He loves his actual play swords, too!  I see one on the floor.

And one of Alice’s baby dolls.  She brought that in there and left it, probably.

His Star Wars spaceship is on the floor — he mainly likes to fly that around.

And a car picture he glued together one afternoon is taped up beside his bed.  He loves it!

Tons of books beside his bed!  He picks out three books for me to read every night.  He loves, loves, loves books.  His favorites right now are “The Book With No Pictures” and the “Spooky Old Tree.”

And the big elephant he’s had since he was a 1-year-old is in his bed, along with 4 pillows.  He LOVES pillows, and steals them whenever he finds one.

His sheets are covered with trucks, cars, planes and trains —  he picked it out!

And on the far left, I see some of his wooden train tracks.  He still loves those!

The one thing that is missing that is usually there is Hot Wheels tracks!  It’s missing on this day, because his Daddy asked him to clean them up a couple days ago.  His room was covered in tracks earlier this week, and probably will be again soon.


Right now, his whole room is covered in dinosaurs.

Every night this week, he’s taken all his dinosaurs and set them up all around his room before bed.

The next morning, he’ll take them out and decorate the living room with them.

He’s obsessed with them right now, and it’s the cutest.

The number 7 is taped to his clock as a reminder to not get up until he sees it on his clock.

For this reason, the number 7 is the number he is able to easily identify.

Even with the 7, he still gets up around 6:45ish — which is way better than the 6 a.m. I was dealing with before.  The only difference is that now he KNOWS it’s not 7.  Ha!


If you go into Tom’s room these days and he’s there, he’s usually playing cars, dinosaurs, trains or planes.

This is him flying a jet, making jet noises.

He’s just a cute little boy, in his cute little room.

Can’t wait to see what he adds to the chaos next year!

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2 Responses to Tom’s Bedroom.

  1. redkeeney says:

    He does look “almost five” in that last picture. Stop growing up, Tom!!!

  2. Kristina says:

    Such a neat idea…will have to do as well! Miss you!

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