Tom’s Most Hilarious 4-Year-Old Quotes.

Since Tom is turning FIVE tomorrow, I thought today would be a good time to revisit his most hilarious 4-year-old quotes.

And keep in mind, these are only the ones that I could immediately write down!

I think he’s pretty hilarious most all the time.

Here are my favorite FIVE Tom quotes from this past year!

1. February 10, 2014:
“This game is horrible! There’s no HOT LAVA!”

2. April 9:
Tom: “Uh-oh, someone forgot their flamingo.”
Me: “You mean umbrella?”
Tom: “Yeah.”

3. May 20:
Tom: “What are we doing today?”
Me: “We’re going to the zoo!”
Tom: “Ugh. I want to go to Target.”

4. June 1:
Tom: “Who’s this guy?”
Me: “Abe Lincoln. He was a president a long time ago.”
Tom: “What kind of party did he have for his birthday?”

5. August 16:
Me: “You’re going to start school next week. Are you excited?”
Tom: “Yeah. Do I have to sit in a chair?”
Me: “Yes.”
Tom: “Ugh! Not excited.”

And because I just can’t get over the hilariousness — here are FIVE more!

6. August 21:
“I wanna listen to rock music. I WANNA ROCK. Trust me. I won’t hurt myself.”

7. September 14:
Tom (randomly): “Everybody thinks you’re weird, Mom.”

8. September 15:
Tom: “I wish Alice would wake up.”
Me: “Why?”
Tom: “Because I love her so much.”

9. September 30:
“Guess what? Jesus is really a boy. I thought he was a girl earlier.”

10. November 24:
“Mom? Can you call me ‘Secret Agent Fowler dot com’ instead of Tom from now on?”


It was so hard to pick just 10!

Man, I love my sweet Secret Agent Fowler dot-com.

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6 Responses to Tom’s Most Hilarious 4-Year-Old Quotes.

  1. redkeeney says:

    These are all great but the “I wanna rock” one might be my favorite. I love love love Tom quotes. Pretty soon you’ll need a list for Alice too.

  2. Kristina says:

    Those are hilarious!

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