Tom’s 5th Birthday: Dinosaur Party.

We celebrated Tom’s 5th Birthday with a party that was all about DINOSAURS!

Tom has been seriously obsessed with dinos lately.  He knows tons about them.  He loves reading dinosaur books, he loves watching dinosaur shows, he LOVES watching Jurassic Park. (He’s not scared of that movie AT ALL.  Last night he said, “Close your eyes, Mom! The part where the man’s arm comes off is coming up.”  Gross.)

Anyway, his party was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  And I mean — beautiful.

It was like…almost 70 degrees that day.  AMAZING.

And we had Tom’s party at our pool’s clubhouse which is on a lake.  It was really great.

We only invited a couple friends this time, and all of our family was there.  Tom had the best day EVER.  I really think it was everything he wanted.

Tom helped me with a lot of this party set up:  He put the little dinosaurs on the cupcakes.  He helped me make the party hats (by adding “spikes” to them).  It was his idea to put the inflatable dinosaurs in the bouncy house.  It was so much fun planning with him – so fun.

It was a wonderful celebration, and we all had a great time, especially my little dinosaur-loving boy.

Biggest hits: The paper mache dinosaur egg “gift bags” and THE BOUNCY HOUSE (best purchase ever — we use it all the time).

Biggest miss: I’d made “dinosaur feet” to put over their shoes to dance in — FAIL!  They wouldn’t stay put and pretty much frustrated every party goer!  I think they even made someone cry.  Way to go, Mom!  (At least the dance song was short!) Ha!

P.S.: Almost everything you see is from the Dollar Tree.  The dinosaurs, dinosaur hats, tablecloths, the display board, party hats (we added the spikes) are all from there. I have crazy love for that store.

I loved this party!  And my sister said it was her favorite.  Score!  I was really laid back and relaxed about this one, which I feel like is the norm now.  Because, you know, it’s a kid’s birthday party!  I loved, loved how happy Tom was.  The best.


















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1 Response to Tom’s 5th Birthday: Dinosaur Party.

  1. redkeeney says:

    So cute as always. Looks like Hazel was a big hit at this party too!

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