Georgia State Parks: F. D. Roosevelt State Park.

Our February state park visit was to F. D. Roosevelt State Park.

Confession: I have been to this state park approximately 127 times in my life.

This is definitely the state park I feel most “at home” about.

I used to camp here with my family growing up.  I’ve camped here with friends.  Kevin and I have camped here pre-kids.  I stayed in the cabins here with toddler Tom when I was pregnant with Alice.  And Tom and Alice have been here a couple times with us.

What I’m saying is:  I love this place.

It is beautiful.  It is comfortable.  It is 5 minutes away from Callaway Gardens. And the town of Pine Mountain, Ga. is super cute.  LOVE.

So when my parents mentioned that they’d rented a cabin for the last weekend in February, we jumped at the chance to join them.

Callaway has a thing where park admission is free during January and February weekdays, so we joined my parents on a Friday to take advantage of that.

We got to my parents’ cabin on Friday morning, and Alice and I immediately set out on a hike with my mom.

A hike that included: crossing a creek via fallen tree…with Alice, and a near-death experience climbing up a muddy cliff…with Alice. (These adventures are not he fault of the state park, by the way.  They are the fault of me thinking we can do anything we want!  And we can…it’s just scary. Ha!)

After the hike, we headed to Dowdell’s Knob (my fav part of the park) for a picnic lunch (just like FDR used to do).

Y’all, it’s just beautiful there.  And we were there on an especially beautiful day.  And it is so, so, so QUIET.  It’s very neat.

After lunch we headed to Callaway to visit the butterfly house and the Sibley Center gardens.  You’ve heard me talk of these before — but these are our two favorites for the kids.  So much fun!

We stayed until Callaway’s closing, and then went back to the cabin for dinner, and watching a movie from the 50s, and falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

During this trip you could either find Tom:

1. Setting up his dinosaurs all over the outside of the cabin
2. Throwing leaves on the fire.
3. Running.

During this trip you could either find Alice:

1. Collecting acorns and magnolia cones.
2. Climbing rocks without fear.
3. Running.

The kids had the best time.  The greatest day.  So much fun with their grandparents.  So much fun family time.   It was awesome.












photo 2-1

photo 3-1


January park here: Sweetwater Creek State Park

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4 Responses to Georgia State Parks: F. D. Roosevelt State Park.

  1. Jennifer says:

    So, um, I was at Callaway Gardens this weekend with the women from my church. And some of them went to the Butterfly Garden on Saturday. I can’t believe we were that close and I didn’t get to see you!!!! Miss you and love you!

  2. redkeeney says:

    Such beautiful pics of some of my favorite people!! I love the one of them all zonked out from the fun. Hugs. Love.

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