Alice’s Room.

Alice’s birthday is coming up, so it’s time to take a look at what her current 2-year-old bedroom looks like!

(Because I will forget. I can’t remember anything these days!  Tomorrow, I may forget I wrote this blog.)

photo 3

What I see…

The heart bedspread is one that she picked out and loves.

Beside her bed a big pile of books, her huge Jake doll and all of her dress-up clothes.  The dress-up clothes usually have a top on it so you can’t see them, but she wore a Snow White dress first thing this morning.

The little mermaid and Minnie Mouse dolls on the floor are there because she and I were playing a game in her bed this morning where her doll (Minnie) would jump over the railing into a “pool with sharks!” and my doll (mermaid) would have to save her.  We took turns on who needed to be rescued.  It was fun.

There are also craft stickers on the floor because we made some princess crowns this morning!

We were running errands ALL DAY, so I’m glad that we got some one-on-one time before we took Tom to school.

photo 1

Alice’s art desk is a favorite thing of hers.  She uses it every day.

That little lantern on the desk is something she insisted she needed from the Dollar Tree.  She got one for Tom, too.

Her stroller with three of her favorite babies in it.  She actually has a couple strollers, but that one is by far her favorite.  It’s supposed to be a shopping cart?  But she’s always said and used it as a stroller.

That little calculator on the floor is one of those unexplained things she randomly loves and sometimes carries around.

photo 2

These bins are fairly new to her room.

She has another pile of books on it!

On the bottom is a box of tiny little books — and she loves it.  She loves the books, and the carrying case.  And that barn right next to it?  It’s a game.  She doesn’t like the game as much as she loves the barn!

She plays with that Elsa doll occasionally, but that’s one of those things I kind of think she wouldn’t miss. 😉

But she does love that pink flashlight on there.  She uses it a lot.

And that’s little Alice’s room!

I probably should’ve taken a picture of her pajama drawer, because that is BY FAR her most favorite thing!!  She would wear 4 pair of pajamas a day if she could (and sometimes does).

Now that she has a “big girl bed” she likes to play in “her room” a lot.  It’s the first place she takes visitors to our house.  And I’m thrilled she loves it!

I love it, too.

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  1. redkeeney says:

    I love the bins and the books, and the pool of sharks game. Such a sweet girl.

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