Alice will be THREE on Friday.

Can you believe that?!

It’s like these kids just keep on GROWING UP!

Here’s how I really feel about Alice being three years old, though:  I cannot believe she’s not three already.

I mean, I cannot believe my little baby who I just had yesterday is three.

But I also cannot believe that this smart, adventurous, awesome girl is still only two.

She’s just — so big!

And so little.

Don’t you just love it when I make all sorts of sense?!

Me too.

This week leading up to Alice’s BIG 3 — I’ll be focusing on all things Alice!

And up first:  My five favorite Alice Instagrams from this year!

Y’all – this was hard.

You see, Alice is with me all day every day — so I’ve got a lot of pictures of her because of that.

Also?  She sometimes actually SITS STILL AND LETS ME TAKE A PICTURE.

(Unlike some active little boys I know….NOT NAMING NAMES!)

So to choose just five photos of her — so, so, so hard.

(So…hope you appreciate my real struggle!)

1. Easter Egg hunt happiness.  The day before Easter, we celebrated with a very rainy Easter egg hunt at my parent’s farm.  It was a soggy, wet mess and we had the best time.  But Alice?  Well…she had the best BEST time.



2. Spring Princess.  One of her best friends, Ms. Anna, made her a flower crown.  And it was perfect for Alice, because I don’t know anyone who loves the outdoors more than her.

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Spring princess. #loveandalice

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3. Little Miss Sparkler.  Giving my 2-year-old fire is not something I am good at.  She made it easier by acting like she totally understood it was dangerous and would be respectful of the danger.  That smile is part love of the sparkler, part happy to be trusted with it.

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Little Miss Sparkler. #loveandalice

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4. Don’t go in the road. She’s smart. And when I say, “Don’t go in the road, Alice,” — she (technically) doesn’t. I’m gonna have to be careful with this one!


5. Baby Fashionista. She loves to wear pajamas. All day. She loves to wear her nightgowns. All day. Sometimes she’ll put a tutu over them. Or under them. She likes hats and jackets and shoes. She changes clothes at least four times a day, every day. If a drop of water gets on an outfit, that is the excuse she needs to change. She has very clear ideas of her look, and I very rarely try to sway her “vision.” What I’m saying is — she’s awesome. I feel like this picture totally captures all of that!


BONUS. Alice and Mama. I just love this.





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2 Responses to #loveandalice

  1. Kristina says:

    So precious! Happy early birthday Alice!

  2. redkeeney says:

    She is so beautiful and I love her fashion and spirit. Happy (early) Birthday Alice. LOVE!

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