Alice’s Best 2-Year-Old Quotes.

Alice as a 2-year-old has been really funny.

She is so smart.  And she repeats things so well.

And those things add up to being pretty hysterical sometimes.

Here are my top 6  favorite quotes from Alice this past year…

( I was going to choose five, but just couldn’t.  There should be more Top 6 lists anyway!)

1. March 5:
Me: “I told you to stop and you didn’t.”
Alice: “But I paused!”

2. March 4:
Me: “Look at that big airplane up there!  Where do you think they’re going?”
Alice: “Umm…probably Dairy Queen.”

3. February 16:
Alice: “Mom? Your hair looks like seaweed.”

4. January 16:
Tom: “Why did you put stickers on this?”
Alice (matter-of-fact): “Because I wanted it to look great.”

5. December 2:
Me: “You need to take a bath.”
Alice: “Whatever, Kate!”

6. September 17:
Alice: “This is my baby. Her name is Mothball.”


LOVE this sweet, funny girl!!

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