Alice Is THREE.

Dear Alice,

Happy Birthday!!

Your big day is finally here, and I know you’re going to be thrilled!

You know what I love about you?


And also?

That you love to play mommy.

You take very good care of your pretend babies, and you’re always so, so excited to hold any real baby who crosses your path.

You will constantly say, “I can hold them.  I’m a BIG GIRL and will be careful.”  And then you immediately sit down and hold your arms out.   And you *are* always very careful.

You love to “cook.”  You have made many, many bowls of oats and water and every spice we have on the counter — all while “reading” your “recipe.”

You love your gymnastics class!  You love your music class!

You practice all your gymnastics moves — you love the balance beam and bars.

You know the words to all of your music class songs, and all the movements.

And do you know what you really love about those two classes?

That I’m there with you.

You love to wear pajamas.  I used to try to get you to change into clothes to go out, but now I don’t.  You have your own sense of style and you totally know what you want to look like before we go somewhere.

Sometimes that means you’re wearing pajamas, a superhero cape, a pilot’s hat, while carrying a purple Easter purse — and I love that.

Everyone loves that, actually.  You get many compliments. 😉

You love to make crafts, and want to paint or glue something everyday.

You love to be outside — to swing and go down the slide.

You love to climb trees!  If ever I lose sight of you in the backyard, I know I just have to look up — you will be in a tree.

You LOVE your brother.  You guys play so well together, and it’s awesome.

He is your very best friend.

You love chocolate.  And sweet tea.  And cupcakes.

You love to play games.

You love for Mommy to chase you.  And to ride on Daddy’s back pretending he’s a horsey.

You love to share your snacks with Huckles.

You love to dance.

You love, love your family.  You love making friends.

You are just…an absolute joy to us all.

You are growing up to be such a smart, funny, kind and loving girl and I just cannot wait to see you as a 3-year-old.

Much LOVE to you, my sweet, wonderful girl!

I hope you have the BEST DAY EVER!


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2 Responses to Alice Is THREE.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Alice!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I wish I could give her a big hug! LOOOOOOOVE!

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