Georgia Hike With Kids: Arabia Mountain.

So I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been researching a lot of Georgia State Parks and everything they have to offer in preparation of our yearly goal.

The great thing that’s happened is that I’ve discovered so many other great hiking adventures that are near us — that are not necessarily state parks!

And I must give credit where credit is due.  I’ve gotten the majority of my ideas from two blogs: 365 Atlanta Family and Atlanta Trails.

They are both excellent resources if you’re interested!  Both have specific blog entries dedicated to hiking with kids around the Atlanta area.

And that is how I came to discover Arabia Mountain.

I knew about Panola Mountain State Park, which is near Arabia, but I didn’t realize that Arabia was its own thing.

And its own really beautiful thing at that!

I was amazed!  It was like a smaller way-way-way-less-crowded version of Stone Mountain.

We went on Valentine’s Day — and the great thing was that some of the diamorpha, a tiny, rare plant that blooms crimson in early spring, was starting to come up in some spaces!  I was thrilled!

And this place was great for my kids because Alice loves climbing rocks, and Tom loves climbing mountains.  This place had both.

I could barely keep up with Tom. He practically ran up the mountain!

We brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the day. It was really, really great.

We will definitely visit again and explore more.

(Specifically, we did the Arabia Mountain Top Trail.)

photo 1-2

photo 2-2
Tiny Tom is waving at me from way up there! And this pic is un-edited.  The sky was really THAT blue.

photo 4

photo 3-1 (2)

photo 3-2

photo 1-1

photo 2-1 (2)

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3 Responses to Georgia Hike With Kids: Arabia Mountain.

  1. redkeeney says:

    That’s some super blue sky! y’all look like you were chilly. Love the pink on your smallest hiker. Love you.

  2. leslipeterson says:

    Thanks for the mention! So glad to see another hiking family, and love your photos!! I think I might need to get myself a pink tutu!!

  3. I had no idea this place existed! Love the pictures❤️

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