Cheered Up.

Monday, I got a book to read when we go to the beach next week — a definite beachy read (The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand).

But then I couldn’t help myself and decided to start reading it right away.

And then I finished it yesterday.


Anyway, toward the end, there was a sad part and I started to cry.

(I’m a sap.)

Alice: “What’s wrong, Mommy?”

Me: “Oh! Nothing. This is just a sad book I’m reading.”

And then what happened next was the sweetest bit of cheering up I’ve ever had.

Alice immediately snatched the book out of my hands and snapped it shut.

Then she wiped a tear off my face.

Then she ran into her playroom, brought out her bin of instruments and announced she was going to play me song.

She banged the drums, the piano, and handed me a shaker and played her little heart out.

“Are you happy now, Mommy?” she asked.


I’m very, very happy now, Alice.


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1 Response to Cheered Up.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Sweet girl. That would cheer me up in a heartbeat.

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