Georgia State Parks: Indian Springs State Park.


July park: Indian Springs State Park.

Indian Springs State Park is one of the oldest state parks in the United States (and may be the oldest)!

We pass near it on our way to visit my parents, so it had been on my radar for awhile — and I’m so glad we were able to finally go!

I actually camped at this state park with friends in high school during spring break — but I honestly didn’t remember it AT ALL.

(I have the worst memory!  I swear my lack of memories has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs or anything. Ha! Plus, high school was a LONG time ago for me!)


We went on a sunny, hot Sunday.  My original plan was that we would combine a visit to this park with a visit to my parents’ house, but the timing just didn’t work out.  So we drove down to Indian Springs just for the day.  From Atlanta, it took about an hour and 20 minutes (mostly interstate, and then driving through some small towns).  An easy drive, for sure!


So I knew that what we wanted to do was walk on the rocks and wade in the water.  But when we got there, it was almost completely deserted, so I wasn’t even sure if the rocks we were seeing was where wading was allowed or what! Ha! I’m such a rule-follower.  But it quickly became clear that the rocks we saw at the entrance, was what we were supposed to be doing.  So we had it to ourselves for the majority of the time!  It was great!  The kids LOVED this.  They really got to explore this place.  Most of the water was pretty shallow, so that was great for playing, too.  We packed a lunch, and ate it on the rocks.  It was really, really pretty and fun.

We also got to sample the spring water inside the stone Spring House (built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression).  The water totally smelled like sulfur, but Kevin and I tried it anyway! The kids just put their hands in it, and had fun exploring the house.  The Creek Indians used to collect this water and believed it had healing powers.  So neat.

This park also has a lake and beach, but the kids were so enamored with the rocks and water, they weren’t even interested in going to see it!


This park was great. Really quiet. Really, really relaxing.  It totally felt like a lazy Sunday, except we spent it somewhere different.  I loved it.

Kevin thought it was hot.  If you asked him what he thought, he would just say, “It was hot.”  He has no positive opinions in the heat of a Georgia summer, unless he’s actually *in* the water.  Totally understandable!  He also thought the spring water was really, really neat.  That was his favorite.

The kids thought it was GREAT.  They really loved this one.





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  1. redkeeney says:

    Sounds like another fun day! Love.

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