Georgia State Parks: Amicalola Falls State Park.


September park: Amicalola Falls State Park.

I have been to Amicalola quite a bit over the years.  It is just so, SO beautiful!  I cannot visit there enough.

Kevin and I have even seen a mama bear and her babies playing at Amicalola before!


But what I haven’t done until now, was stay in their lodge.

Y’all.  I am in love with a lodge.

(Kevin knows.)

It was amazing.  It was awesome.  Our view was amazing AND awesome.  The room I picked gave me about 20 heart attacks, but that was my fault (more on that later).

What I’m saying is: It was the greatest.  We had a blast.


Amicalola is about 1.5 hours from us.  We could’ve totally done a drive there and back in a day, but I’d been dying to stay at the lodge, so we stayed on a Sunday night (Labor Day weekend).  The drive up there is insanely easy, and you can tell you’re getting close when everything starts looking beautiful.


We arrived Sunday around lunchtime.  The parking lots were pretty crowded, so we went ahead and parked at the lodge, and then walked from there to the top of the falls.  Even though the lots were full, it didn’t feel “crowded.”  It just felt busy and fun.  It was really great.

The kids immediately wanted to take their shoes off and wade in the water at the top, so we did that for basically forever.  Tom wanted to live in it.

I had packed a picnic lunch, so we had that by the water.

Afterwards, we hiked a little to see some of the views, and so Alice could climb rocks.

At this park, you can walk the billion steps to see spectacular views of the falls — we did NOT do this.  I’ve done it before.  I am not brave enough to do it with my children yet.  (And you shouldn’t be either. Ha!)

Then we checked in at the lodge.  The kids were thrilled we were staying there!  So fun!

At the lodge, we hung out in our room, went out and played on the back lawn with new friends, ate dinner downstairs, watched the sunset outside, and then headed back to our room for bed.  It totally felt like a dream.  I just felt so lucky to be there!

The next morning, after breakfast downstairs, we drove to the bottom of the falls and walked the short uphill hike to the bottom of the falls.


And then we ended our time with a visit to the coolest pumpkin patch ever across the street.

We were home by lunch!


Oh my goodness, the lodge!

It was so, so awesome.

The views were spectacular!  The mountain views from our room were so great, I just wanted to sit there and stare at them.

Now, here’s where I kinda, sorta messed up.

I purposefully got a room that had a 10-foot ladder leading to a loft with a bed.

I thought having that loft, and that bed would be so fun and exciting for the kids.  And IT WAS.

But what I wasn’t thinking about when I booked it, is that Alice is 3 years old and completely FEARLESS!

The whole time I was an anxious mess!  I kept saying, “Alice, tell me if you want to go up!  Tell me if you want to come down!  Don’t get too close to the ladder!”

Y’all!  I was a nut.

Tom was no problem.  He’s careful anyway, and at 5 years old, was totally fine.

Alice had no accidents, but she was trying to climb over that ladder like she was in her gym class!

The kids absolutely loved it — but this mama was kicking herself for picking it!


Very high.  This park has never disappointed.  The views are so special.  There are so many fun activities for the kids.  It feels like a “real” vacation — like you’re in a completely different place.  I cannot believe how close it is to Atlanta!  And the lodge was the best thing ever!  I cannot wait to go back.

View from the lodge.



View from our hike.

From the top of the falls!


The lodge.

Loft room!



View from our window in the morning.




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2 Responses to Georgia State Parks: Amicalola Falls State Park.

  1. redkeeney says:

    I wanna stay in that lodge! And I will totally be careful on the ladder. I promise. Looks beautiful and I love the last pic of them all zonked out. LOVE.

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