Georgia State Parks: Red Top Mountain State Park.


October park: Red Top Mountain State Park.


Out of all of our state park visits this year — this is the one where we TENT CAMPED!

I was so excited to see how the kids would do — and you know what?

They did GREAT.  Really, really great!

Especially considering that we are the proud owners of a tent that does not keep rain water out.

Ha! More on that later!

We were lucky to have friends agree to camp along with us, and it was awesome!

I’m so happy they came!  They have two boys around our kids’ ages, and the kids played together the entire time.  It was so great!

Our friends had also scoped out the sites before we got there, so our camping spot was great — right next to the playground!

We couldn’t have asked for a better site and a better family to be with us.

Red Top is about 40 minutes north of us, and I picked it for our first tent camping trip because I knew it was close to civilization, and our house, just in case something happened.

You know…something like TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS.

And you know what?  I’m so smart.

(And humble.)

Because this is what the inside of our tent looked like Saturday morning:


And you guys?  We flipped this over halfway through the night.  So that is only the rain that collected on our bed for the second half.


Here’s what Kevin and I looked like Saturday morning:


Ha ha!  Kidding!  We looked like this:


Kids were rock stars!  Alice SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE THING.

Like…she woke up in soaking wet clothes Saturday morning, and had no idea why.

That little nut!

So Saturday morning, we packed up all of our (soaking wet) stuff in garbage bags and headed back to our house for some hot baths, naps and washer/dryer action.

(Our friends and their tent were fine, by the way!  Our poor tent…)

We woke up Sunday well rested and ready to head back to Red Top!

We spent the day with our friends, checking out the park, fishing and eating a picnic lunch.  Sunday was a great, beautiful day and I’m so happy we were able to really enjoy the park.

The thing that surprised me most about this park?

How beautiful it is!  It has the neatest trestle-looking bridge that you drive over to get there — it’s just amazing!

And I would really love to check out more of their trails — the views of the lake are just beautiful.

I cannot believe I’d never been there, even though it’s not far from us!

I cannot wait to go back.

(And maybe surprisingly, I cannot wait to tent camp again!)

((Maybe with a little less flooding.)) 😉















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3 Responses to Georgia State Parks: Red Top Mountain State Park.

  1. redkeeney says:

    How did I miss this blog? The pictures are so cute. And you are brilliant to think ahead – I’ve been in a leaky tent before and it stinks!

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