Again, I am writing this entry in May of 2016.

I cannot believe how behind I am!  Insane!

Last year, when we did our 12 Georgia State Parks in 2015 challenge, I apparently spent all of my blogging energy on that!  Ha!

But going through my phone’s photos, I know I want to document some of this stuff on my blog.  Looking at some of the photos now, I can already tell how much the kids have changed.  It’s really so, so fast.  A blink.

These are some photos from November — their class pictures, a leaf throwing good time, just some miscellaneous stuff that I don’t want to forget.

Turns out, that “miscellaneous stuff” is life.  🙂

I want to remember that the kids just CANNOT WAIT for me to rake all the leaves into a big pile.  They truly think it is the best ever.

And another admission:  Huck loves the piles more than anyone.  So much so that I left one pile for him to sit on whenever he wanted.  And he wanted to for a whole two months.  And that pile killed the grass in that spot.  But that’s okay!  Anything for my Huckle.




School pictures!  I loved Alice’s so very much! My friend Amy took them, and she did an amazing job.

And I loved Alice’s little hand-me-down outfit.  Isn’t it great?!  A friend of Mimi’s made it for her granddaughter, and then it got passed to us.  I LOVE it!


Tom’s school picture on the other hand…

Now, Tom is the cutest kid ever.  Seriously.

But the school picture makes him look like…he has a weird giant head.  Ha!

It’s a classic school picture, though!  Gotta love that!


We had our family pictures taken too.  I don’t have those to post, but I did take this while we were there…


Look at those crazy cuties!

A couple other little memories…

Alice always wanted to do “homework” just like Tom.  So I’d find little sheets for her to work on — and she took it SO seriously!  I mean, look at that little tongue!  LOVE her.


Tom asked me not to burn this big stick because he needed it for his “exercise”.  Ha!  “Look how strong I am, Mom!”


And those are some of our random November memories!

Fall is my favorite season, and these pictures just show me why.  So much fun!


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