Georgia State Parks: Fort Yargo State Park.


November park: Fort Yargo State Park.

And…we stayed in a YURT!


This was our first time staying in a yurt, and I really loved it.

I thought the yurt itself was really cool.

And the weekend we were there, it rained HARD both nights — and we know how our tent does in downpours, right?

So…the yurt was great!


What I loved most about it though, was the view off the back deck.

This yurt was directly on the water.

(All of them at Fort Yargo are — except #5 — but I really thought ours had the best location.  We were in #6.)

In the photo above, the boys are fishing off the deck!  How cool is that?!

And the view?  It looked like this:



It was really great!

We were really lucky that even though the forecast called for non-stop rain, it really rained hard overnight, and during the day we only had to deal with sprinkles.

Again, I am so thankful for this adventure, because I am sure that if I wasn’t already planning on being outside this weekend, I probably wouldn’t have — and I would’ve missed out!

This weekend was made 100% better by the fact that my parents were staying in a cabin (just a short walk up a hill) and my sister’s older kids stayed with them.  And my sister and her baby came every morning and stayed until after supper (their house is only 20 minutes away).

Having family along on this adventure was THE. BEST.

Our kids truly had the time of their lives.

The kids and I had been to Fort Yargo a couple times over the summer with my sister — we swam in the lake and went to the beach there.  (Highly recommend!)

But because Kevin wasn’t with us — Fort Yargo was still on the table for our monthly park visit!  And I’m so glad it was.

Because although we had experienced the summer activities — it was a whole new experience being there in the fall.

We canoed, kayaked, geocached, grilled out hot dogs, went on hikes, fished, and generally just loved every minute of being together.

This was the state park that when the weekend was over, both kids teared up.  They did not want to leave!




I loved being at this park in the fall, and seeing all the beautiful fall colors.

And I loved how completely peaceful it was while we were there.

It mostly felt like we had the place to ourselves.

My sister actually called me tonight and told me how much she loved this November weekend — and I totally agree.

We made memories here that we’ll have forever.

And that makes me extremely happy.










I cannot believe this, but we only have ONE MORE TO GO.

One more park, and we will have accomplished this crazy idea to visit a different Georgia State Park every month of this year as a family!!

I am so excited.

I cannot wait to really and truly GUSH about what an amazing experience this had been.

A lot of gushing love coming your way in a couple weeks — so y’all be waiting! 😉

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  1. redkeeney says:

    That’s a lot of parks and a lot of good memories. I wanna stay in a yurt! (Now that I know what that is.) LOVE!

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