Mall Christmas.


One day during the week of Thanksgiving, we headed to Lenox Square to spend the day doing Christmas traditions with Amy, Kyle and the kids!

I don’t remember which day we picked, but it was a really busy one!  Crazy crowds are my least favorite thing, but  what I remember from this day was that it was awesome.

It was crowded and each line we waited in was over an hour, and still I remember it being so fun.  Thank goodness for family! The kids kept each other entertained, and that made everything awesome.

It was a really great day, and the kids had a blast!

When it came time to sit with Santa, Alice told us she wouldn’t sit with him unless we ALL did — so we did!

Santa asked the kids what they wanted, and Tom shyly told him he wanted the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage.  So cute, and he was so proud he did it!

When Alice was asked, she whispered to me, “Can you tell him?”

So I told Santa that Alice wanted a Barbie Babysitter set!

And by the end of the meeting, she gave him a hug. Success!

(Also, Amy took this picture for us!)

It was really cute and fun, and the kids thought the whole experience was great!

(You get to walk through a Christmas tree to get to Santa — that was their favorite!)



Our next stop was riding the Pink Pig — an Atlanta tradition!

The Pink Pig is so random — but we love it and look forward to it every year!

And another great thing about this mall day was that Kevin got to be there with us!  This was his first time coming, and the kids were all thrilled!  (We didn’t want him to miss out on riding on the train with his brother!)






On this trip, my kids were introduced to the awesomeness that is the Pottery Barn Kids store.

After this, they kept telling me that they hoped Santa brought them the bedrooms they saw in that store.


We spent an insane amount of time in there.  My kids thought it was an absolutely amazing experience.  Ha!

Here is the spaceship bed of Tom’s dreams…


And Alice wants the vanity and phone ( and the whole room and everything in it)….


We had lunch with everyone, then stopped by our favorite Cupcake ATM before heading home!


This day got our Christmas season started, and it was the best way to do it!  LOVE!


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