The Perfect Christmas Tree.


After last year’s Christmas Tree Disaster of 2014 (hahaha!) — I decided we would cut down our tree at an actual Christmas Tree Farm.

So the day before Thanksgiving, we headed out to find the perfect tree at an idyllic location — and that was The Kinsey Family Farm.

The day was overcast and pretty chilly, so we actually didn’t spend a ton of time there.  But they had s’mores, hot chocolate, and all sorts of cute stuff.

This place looked like a Norman Rockwell painting to me — I adored it.

And we found the most perfect tree!  It was 100% better than that (annoying, huge, falling down) 2014 tree.  😉 It was the perfect width and height and I loved it the entire season!  I was sad when we had to take it down, actually.

O Christmas Tree of 2015 — how I adore thee!

This was my kids first experience going out and cutting down the tree, and they thought it was great!

We were really the only people there that morning, but that didn’t stop Alice from singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs during the tractor ride out to the trees!  LOVE!


Tickling Tom…



Tree cutting!!







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