Princess Tea.


A neighbor friend invited us to attend a Princess Tea Party at our town’s Arts Center, and since I’d never been to anything at our Arts Center before, and Alice has a profound love of princesses, we jumped at the chance!

I’m so glad we did.

It was seriously the cutest thing ever!  They brought out a tray of sandwiches and treats to every table.

And the “princesses” — students from the local high school theater program — served us tea and/or apple juice, and posed for pictures!  And they gave each girl her own homemade crown.  So cute!

I’m serious when I tell you that Alice loved this just as much as the princess breakfast we went to at Disney World.  She believed these girls were real princesses.

She loved everything about the experience.  She even ordered tea instead of juice!  She loved it all.

I hope we can do it again!



She wanted to pose with them so badly, but then was too shy to stand with them!  So they just posed behind her.  Ha!




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