Christmas Randoms.


Looking back over all we did over the Christmas holidays is making me exhausted!

How in the world did we do all this?!

And if you guys feel the same, then you are going to laugh when I tell you that I thought our Christmas holidays were “low-key” this year.

And I really did think that!

Nothing seemed overwhelming or over-planned or anything like that!  We really loved it all.  It felt relaxed!

But the blogging of it makes me feel like…a crazy person!

It was all fun!  I promise!

(I think the thing that saves me is that I have all of the major shopping done before Thanksgiving — so I just get to party all through December. Ha!)

This is some of the extra little Christmas stuff we did that makes the season so special for us!

(The snowman at the top of the entry: I made for Tom’s classroom door out of styrofoam cups.  This is what gave me an “in” with Tom’s teachers.  It’s true! They liked me after this.)

So here’s some of the extra stuff we did!

I ran a 5K through the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier with friends.


Our elf showed up on December 1st and brought advent calendars and breakfast!  I’m so thankful our elf is not mischievous in any way.  He just moves around all cute-like.


On the first morning of Christmas vacation, I took the kids to Krispy Kreme in our pajamas — all of us!  They thought this was awesome, and we deemed it Krispy Kreme Christmas!  This is something we hope becomes tradition.


Christmas cards from Tom include killer dinosaurs!


I ran another 5K through Christmas lights, this time at Life University!  We all agreed we liked this one even better than the first. (And they gave us yummy hot chocolate afterwards!)



Santa always sends the kids a video email to let them know if they are on the nice or naughty list!  I love this!  And they think it is amazing!  They watch it at least a dozen times over the holidays. (It’s the Portable North Pole.)


And I got to see some of my best friends for a gift exchange dinner.  So fun!



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