School Christmas.


This year, I got to plan two school Christmas parties for each child’s class — so fun!

The only thing about Tom’s party was — it was pretty much the quickest hour I’ve ever experienced.

It was crazy. The kids were crazy. It was sort of overwhelming. And I took pretty much no pictures of it.

Tom thought it was the best.  I thought I’d need a drink afterwards.

Alice’s party was super simple and fun.  We did all the games in the hallway, and I really didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of them, either!  (I was taking pictures of each kid with the photo backdrop.)

But it was cute and fun, and they got to decorate cookies, so they were thrilled!

And Alice’s Christmas performance was awesome!  She did so well!  She sang, and did all the movements, and was just the cutest thing!

(We had to give her a rose afterwards, just like we’d given Delaney for The Nutcracker, because it was all she could talk about! Ha!)

Here’s how it looked:

One of Tom’s party games was to have each group decorate someone as a snowman in a minute.  Hysterical!


Tom loved it so much, he wanted us to play it at home, too.


Alice practicing with the props at home! Ha ha ha!


Cookie decorating at the party!


Alice and her favorite boyfriend.


Her Christmas program — so proud of her!


My friend, Amy, sent me this photo afterwards.  I adore it!  It’s just so perfectly Alice.


A rose for her performance!


Pops came!


She was so tired when she got home.  Sweet, beautiful girl.




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