Tom’s 6th Minecraft Birthday Party.


For Tom’s 6th Birthday, I decided we would have a family party at home, and then he could have his two best friends over on a different day and we could have a little themed playdate.

But my poor Tom was sick pretty much the entire month of February.

He had strep and then the flu. Boo!

So after postponing his family party TWICE, we were finally able to celebrate him toward the end of the month!

He was very sure he wanted a Minecraft party this year!  VERY sure!

My Minecraft knowledge is pretty limited, but Tom invented his own games, and he gave me lots of ideas.  It was the first time I really worked with him on his party, and it was so fun!  He was awesome!

I LOVED having the family party at home.  I just thought it was so fun, and a lot less stressful for me — and Tom just adored it!  (He never mentioned having a friend party, really, so that worked out.)

Here’s how his party looked:


Look how clean this living room is!  That’s really the main reason for this photo.


Made these using free printables and foam board — they were a hit!

Games included Pin the Tail on the pig…

Shooting creepers in the backyard…

And this pinata, which took forever to beat down!  (This was a “birthday present” pinata from WalMart, that I just wrapped with tissue paper and drew the TNT on it.)

She picked her own gymnastics leotard for the event.

Oh, and we also hid “diamonds” (from Hobby Lobby’s bridal section) around the yard and house for them to find.

My favorite part of the whole party was watching them with these “masks” on!  I made them wear these for the Pin the Tail on the pig game, and I could. not. stop. laughing!  OMG, I wish I could make them wear these all the time!  (Made from gift bags from the Dollar Tree — I just printed the images off Google.)

Baby Hazel. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was the best of birthdays, and I’m so happy we were able to finally celebrate it!

Happy 6th Birthday Party, Tom!  It was a happy day.




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2 Responses to Tom’s 6th Minecraft Birthday Party.

  1. redkeeney says:

    So glad he was finally feeling well enough to celebrate. And I love the masks too! And the fact that Alice wanted to celebrate as a gymnast. She’s the coolest.

  2. Kristina says:

    Glad Tom had such a wonderful birthday!

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