Alice is FOUR.


Alice woke up this morning, with her usual, “Mom?”

I went into her room and said, “Happy Birthday, Alice!”

She sat straight up and said, “Am I FOUR?!”

“Yes you are!”

She put her legs out right in front of her.

“Is this what four looks like?!”

Oh my goodness, only Alice could make me laugh out loud at 7 a.m.

Once she moved to the couch, where she snuggled under a blanket, she said, “Mom? Look how long my legs are!  They go all the way to here on the couch!”

She is SO. HAPPY. to be four.

She was really hoping that her birthday would mean she was finally bigger than her big brother, but she was content with her now much-longer legs. 😉

This girl is the best.

She is funny, bossy, happy, and full of imagination.

She has strong opinions about what to wear and how to do her hair.

She loves to climb trees and rocks.

She loves to go somewhere – anywhere – with just her mom.

Her brother and cousins are her best friends.

She loves her baby dolls.  LOVES.  She has plenty, and honestly plays with them all.

She always wants me to call her by a different name – usually Everly (her middle name), Emma, or Emily (my first name).

She loves tea parties and dress up and princesses.

Currently, Tiana is her favorite princess, even though she doesn’t really like Tiana’s movie.

She loves to pretend like she is the “big sister” and always wants me to “pretend like you’re the mom.”

She is still the messiest eater!

She loves to be outside.  She loves to swing.  And she loves the playground.

She loves to ride her bike.

She is so brave.

She only cries when she has really hurt herself.

If she accidentally takes a nap, she DOES NOT want to wake up from that nap. Ever.

She loves school, her teachers, and her classmates.

She also loves Tom’s teachers and classmates, actually!  She’s always the star when we go.

She wants to be a teenager.

She loves babies.

She loves flowers, and will definitely pick them.

She loves to be on-the-go.

She loves our elderly neighbors, and consistently invites herself over to hang out with them.

She loves her grandparents.

She loves watching “Lord of the Rings” with her Dad.  Seriously.

She has the best taste in movies — her favorites are Annie, Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins.

She loves to craft.

She loves her friends.

She loves us.

She is just a happy, loving, awesome girl.  I watch her in amazement all the time.  She is so funny and smart, and I always feel so lucky that I get to be her mom.

Happy 4th Birthday, Alice!

You are amazing.

(And really, really, hilariously silly.)


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3 Responses to Alice is FOUR.

  1. Debbie says:

    Happy birthday Alice! You are sooo cute!!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I totally agree Alice – your legs are def longer! LOVE.

  3. Kristina says:

    Happy Birthday Alice!

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