Field Day For Tom.


Tom had his first Field Day at his “big kid school” a couple weeks before school ended.

Neither of us knew quite what to expect, but let me tell you — it really was THE BEST.

For a kid who does not particularly like school in any way, this was a dream come true for Tom!  He had a blast.  He will still tell you it was his favorite day of the school year.

I volunteered to help out (of course!) for one of the activities, and I knew I’d have Alice with me, so I kind of thought we’d only be there for the morning.


Alice was having such a good time, and I loved seeing all the kids having so much fun, we were there the entire time!  It was so great, and I was thrilled to be there.

Alice pretty much joined in for every single activity.  She thinks she is part of their class anyway, so this seemed normal. Ha!

Tom’s best school friends.  I’m so thankful he had them this year.

The little siblings had a blast, too!

This was so great — the local fire department came out to spray down all the kids. It was the BEST EVER.  I really think if all they’d had that day was this, it still would’ve been a complete success.

IMG_5284  IMG_5294
His (soaking wet)  buddies.

This was the game I was in charge of.  During a lull in action, Alice just completed the entire game by herself.  Ha!


She did this approximately 37 times.

He just smiled the whole day.  Made me so happy.

Field Day faces!

On the walk home, they discussed all the games they would play when we got home.  So sweet!  (Alice actually played a game called “nap” because she was exhausted!)

It really was the best day!

The teachers and organizers of this were amazing — I can’t imagine how they did it!

But Alice and I were happy to be a part of it, and share it with Tom.


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1 Response to Field Day For Tom.

  1. Robyn says:

    They look like they’re having a blast! LOVE.

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