Field Day For Alice.


Field Day for Alice was the best day ever.

At Alice’s school I’m in charge of organizing all the school-wide activities — like Field Day.

In the days leading up to Field Day, the forecast called for a lot of rain everyday, and we had lots of discussions on whether or not to even have it.

In the end, we decided we’d have it in the parking lot (instead of the now-soaking-wet-field), and hope for the best.

And y’all?  It was actually the best.

It was one of those things that had never even occurred to me before, but I actually thought it was so. much. better.  Our field is a lot further away from water and bathrooms, and for some reason is a little harder to organize the activities.  The parking lot was awesome, and easily organized.  I just loved it.

The parents who volunteered to help this day were phenomenal.  They were all so, so great!

I think Parking Lot Day needs to be a new tradition at this school!

One of the other parents at the school is a professional photographer, and was so awesome to share her photos of the day.  I loved every. single. photo.  It made me feel really proud of the day.  And really happy that the kids seemed to have so much fun!  It was a blast, and a great way to end the school year. (So the really great pics in this post are from her!)

Alice had the best time.  She enjoyed every game.  She loved being with her friends.  The whole day I was just so proud of my big girl!

I asked her later what her favorite game was, and she said it was the solo cup water race.  I think she just loved getting wet! Ha!

It was a great day with the kids at this school we love so much.  First Annual Parking Lot Day was a huge success!









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