We headed out to Helen this week for a day spent tubing down the Chattahoochee River, picnicking near a creek, and hiking to see Anna Ruby Falls — all with my mom, sister, and my sister’s kiddos.

It was a great day!

We got there right around 10 a.m. (on a Wednesday) and it was the perfect time!

We were pretty much the only people there, and the only ones on the river for awhile.

That was good — because it took the two littles (Hazel and Alice) a little bit to get used to just…floating down the river.

The river was actually pretty low this time around (we also did this last year) — so getting stuck on rocks happened a bit more.  But we were wearing our river shoes, so it was “easy” for me to get out and pull us off.

I put “easy” in quotes, because although it was actually easy, I still managed to fall twice!  Ha!

The first time, I got out to pull us off the rocks in ankle-deep water, I took one step forward and basically walked off a cliff!  I went all the way down to my chest!

And that water is COLD!  Ha!  The kids (and everyone) thought it was hilarious.

We pulled over a couple times during the float to let the kids play in the sand and throw rocks.  All of the kids LOVED that part!  I really think after stopping the first time, everyone was super happy.  They just needed some breaks in there!

The whole float down the river took about 3 hours — but it was a gorgeous day, with great weather, and we all had an absolute blast!  (We also had snacks and water for the kids during the float, which they loved.)

After the float, we took the short drive over to Anna Ruby Falls.  Anna Ruby has the most beautiful picnic area in the woods.  The tables are along a pretty big creek, and there are just tons of things to explore there.  Rachel and I have now been there twice, and both times we were the only people there!  It’s beautiful!

My mom brought a picnic lunch for all of us, so we ate there, explored a bit, and then headed up to see the falls.

Anna Ruby Falls is beautiful.  It’s only about .5 mile hike up to the falls’ viewing area, and it’s paved.  It’s a really beautiful “hike” up — the kids were climbing rocks and sliding down them, Tom and Gus were finding snails, and Alice was singing “Votes for Women!” (from Mary Poppins) while hoisting a found mushroom over her head.  You know…the normal stuff. 😉

The falls were awesome, the kids were kind of semi-unimpressed (it’s more fun just to chase your cousins around I guess…) and then we were off, and my crew was heading back down to enjoy some really awesome Atlanta traffic.

It was a great day, and I’m so happy we were able to do it again this summer.

I’m thinking next year, we should rent a cabin or something along the river for a couple days.  I’d really love to explore Helen more, and I already know there is so much to do around there!  #futuredreams




(After fall!)








And Hazel made you two awesome home videos.  You will love these movies if you are Hazel’s grandparents, cousins, parents, or aunt/uncles, and I’m sure you will agree she has a future in film.


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2 Responses to Helen.

  1. waymel says:

    That looks really fun! Now I want to figure out where we can go tubing around here. Abby used to sing “Votes for Women!” all.the.time when she was about 2 or 3. Somewhere, we have a video of her singing it at Robyn’s, complete with staging.

  2. Robyn says:

    I looked for that video but couldn’t find it. I remember her doing all the motions in my living room. It was hysterical.

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