Legos and Zoos.


As summer was approaching, one of Tom’s friends asked if Tom could do a week-long Lego summer camp with him.

And then one of Alice’s friends asked if she could do a week-long Eric Carle summer camp with her.

I wasn’t really planning on signing them up for camps, because I kind of want to hog my children all the time.  But both kids were excited about doing a camp with their friends, so I signed them up!

They happened to be on different weeks — so that meant I had one week to spend with Alice while Tom was at camp, and one week to spend with Tom while Alice was at camp.

And it was awesome.

And in the end, if you can believe this, BOTH of the kids’ friends had something come up, so both my children ended up going to a camp where they knew no one.  I cannot tell you how incredibly impressed I was with the kids — they loved their camps and made new friends and it was great!  I never would’ve signed them up without the push, but I’m really glad I did.

I think both kids really loved their camp weeks, and their weeks at home.  Alice’s camp had short days, but Tom’s camp was from 9-4!  I was so nervous it would be too much for him, but he really, REALLY loved it, and I think he felt like he was a big kid.  He told me after the first day that he “didn’t want to wear shirts with designs on them, just plain shirts.”  I had no idea where that came from (95% of his shirts have designs — sharks, dinos, stuff like that) but then I noticed the bigger kids in the camp (it went up to 5th grade) didn’t wear shirts with designs!  Oh my goodness, Tom really wanted to be “big”.  After camp, he went back to his dino shirts. Whew!

On the last day of Tom’s Lego camp, they handed out awards.

(To which Tom said, “Why do people give kids awards all the time?”  Hahaha! #notimpressed)

Tom came home with the “cleaner upper” award, for being great at cleaning up at the end of the day.


I asked Tom about it, because he is the worst cleaner upper ever at home, and he told me that, “Cleaning up Legos is way easier than cleaning anything at home.”

Now you know.

On one of the days Tom was at camp, I took Alice to the zoo.  Just me and her.

It was really fun.  We only looked at the animals she really wanted to see, and we spent A LOT of time at her favorite things — the carousel, train, playground, and splash pad.  We have season passes, so we only spent a couple hours, but it was so fun to be with just my girl for the outing!  She was a happy girl.

I love these summer days. LOVE.











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  1. Robyn says:

    Your littles are the cutest!

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