Pancakes, Pancakes! Rain, Rain!


On the last day that Tom was at Lego camp, Alice and I joined our friends Keri and Maggie for a performance of Pancakes, Pancakes! (based on an Eric Carle book) at the Alliance Theatre.

And it was beyond great!

The acting, set, and music was all so very well done — we adored it.  It was my first time going to the Alliance Theatre, but definitely won’t be my last.  So impressive, and so much fun for all of us girls!

Before and after the performance, we played at the new High Museum art installation — very awesome (and super hot) slides!  The girls absolutely loved the slides, and just running around, and playing inside.  But man — those slides were HOT!!  Oh my goodness, all the kids were kind of — picking up their legs to go down the slides without burning!  The kids loved it, though.  So fun, and so unique.  This is the second art installation we’ve gone to see, and I just love them!  Definitely worth a trip.

After playing, we walked a couple blocks to get some pizza.  The girls were way too interested in each other, and not really eating, and after awhile Alice said she was ready to go. We were parked in a different place that Keri and Maggie, so we decided we’d just go ahead and go.

And I am not kidding you when I say, approximately 30 seconds after walking out of the restaurant, it POURED.  I sort of looked up right before, and saw the rain hitting the buildings downtown — and I said something like, “I think it’s going to rain on us!” and then it just…POURED.  Poured, and poured, and so hard I thought it may hail!  Ha!  Everyone we passed, and I mean EVERYONE, was laughing and smiling because it was the craziest rain and it caught everyone off guard.  It was a great feeling of camaraderie out there, and Alice LOVED it.  We had the best time getting soaked with strangers on the street.

It was a truly great day.












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3 Responses to Pancakes, Pancakes! Rain, Rain!

  1. Nicole says:

    We saw Fancy Nancy at the Alliance Theatre and it was the best. Glad you also enjoyed it!

  2. Robyn says:

    Alice has the rain posing down!

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