Roadtrippin’: Owensboro, Kentucky


My aunt and uncle, cousins, and their families live in Owensboro, KY — and I had never been there.

I’d never been to Kentucky at all actually, so when I realized that Owensboro was about halfway between Atlanta and Gigi’s house in Illinois, I asked my family if they could meet up with us.

And they welcomed us with open arms and it was the most fun — I’m so happy we were able to do this!

I hadn’t seen my cousins in a couple years, so it was wonderful to see them, catch up with them, and watch our kids play together!  It was so, so great.  I honestly thought it would be fun, but it was pretty much one of those perfect nights that just exceeds every expectation.

We met up with them at an awesome pizza place downtown that was right next to the most amazing park I’ve ever seen.  My cousin, Laura, had told me that this park was like…one of the top 10 parks in the country, and I believe it.  It was beautiful!

This park is along the Ohio River, has the most massive playground that connects to everything, has all of these cool creatures to climb and play on, has a splash area, lots of seating and swings, and music piped in.  Amazing!

Seeing my cousins and their kids was so fun.  Our kids’ are all pretty close in age, and they all played like they’d known each other forever!

Tom loved being chased by my cousin’s husband, Josh.  And the next morning Tom asked if Josh could come over and play with him before we left. Ha!

My cousin Lisa had a new baby girl who we got to meet, and Tom and Alice both took turns LOVING on her!  Poor girl couldn’t get a break!  But she was the most adorable little thing.

I loved catching up with my aunt and uncle, too!  It was really just the most amazing night.

The kids played on the playground until it was pretty much totally dark, and we had to make our way through the tons of kids/teens who were playing Pokemon Go everywhere!  I had never seen so many people playing that game in one place!  (Tom plays too, but we’re not serious about it and really have no idea what we’re doing. Ha!)

Watching Alice play with Gabriella and Lily, watching Tom playing with Jonah, catching up with my cousins and aunt and uncle — it was just the best.

It was just a magical night. We still talk about how much fun it was.

I’m thrilled we were able to see them, and I hope this becomes a tradition when we make our way north again.

Thank you for having us, Kentucky!  We LOVE you!

(For some reason, I have no pictures of me with my Aunt Cheryl!  Or Josh!  They were there, promise!)


















Oh, and we stopped back by the park quickly before we hit the road the next morning!  Tom really wanted to try out the splash pad before we left. He just couldn’t get enough.  Tom would like to live in Owensboro. 🙂






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