Roadtrippin’: Bloomington, Illinois


After Kentucky, we headed on to Bloomington, Illinois — which is where Kevin’s grandma (Gigi) lives.

We got there around dinnertime, and the kids had so. much. fun at this particular hotel.  It was pretty much a business suite, so the kids made themselves right at home — playing hide-and-go-seek, watching Ghostbusters on TV, eating popcorn, they just thought this place was the absolute best.

Kevin’s parents were in town too, so they and Gigi stopped by to see us that first night, and then we headed over to Gigi’s house the next morning.

The kids loved Gigi.  So. much!!  She had cars for Tom to play with, so we raced them in the driveway, and she had tons of jewelry to show and share with Alice, so both kids were just thrilled.

The reason we chose this particular weekend to visit was because Kevin’s family was having a reunion.  So at lunch, we headed over to the relative’s house who was hosting it.

And it was awesome!  We got to see Kevin’s aunt and uncle, Janet and Randy, and his cousin, Stacey, and her kids, and Alice immediately started playing with Kenley and Maddux.

And then Tom made friends with little Garrett, and they spend the entire time playing Legos, cars, and dinosaurs.  He even ate lunch with Garrett’s family, so Tom was all about meeting new relatives! (I actually don’t know how Garrett is related to us, but he is and he was the cutest!)

We had a really wonderful time.  Alice kept hoping it was time to cut the cake, and once they did and she got her piece, she was so excited!  And then she promptly scraped all the icing off, ate the icing, then gave me her naked cake piece and asked for another. #icingaddict

The reunion was really wonderfully planned. So many people, outside games, a live band, and the house backed up onto a cornfield, which was instant entertainment for the littles.  Alice and Kenley spent a ton of time “chasing bunnies” in the cornfield and looking for more.  (And they claimed they saw many, and touched three. Ha!)

After the reunion, we headed back to the hotel for about an hour (the kids fell asleep immediately in the car!), before heading over to Randy and Janet’s house for pizza and playing.  And it was a blast!  I just adore Randy and Janet and Stacey — so it was awesome to catch up!  The kids played with Kenley and Maddux and their neighbor friends for hours!  Driving cars, jumping on the trampoline, dressing up, catching fireflies — it was a great evening.

This was another of those days that we just didn’t want to end.  When it was time to go, Alice hugged Stacey, and then wouldn’t let go.  She just held on tight, and gave the longest hug ever. #love

Tom told me later, “I can see why they live here.  This is a really fun and beautiful place with lots of farms to play in!”

I completely agree.


























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2 Responses to Roadtrippin’: Bloomington, Illinois

  1. Robyn says:

    So much love!

  2. Kristina says:

    Glad you had such a great time!

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