Roadtrippin’: Chicago


We woke up early on Sunday morning in Bloomington, and immediately hit the road to Chicago.

We were only going to spend a few hours in the city before heading on to Grammy’s house in Indiana, but we thought we could fit in a short visit and see a couple things.

And it was amazing!

Even though we live in a big city, seeing an even bigger city was awesome and the parts we saw were gorgeous.

Sunday morning, we hit the road early, got some drive-thru breakfast, and were on our way.  And we drove through some crazy looking weather.  I was sure this Chicago trip would end up with us soaked, because we drove through quite a bit of rain.  But once we arrived — nothing!  It was just cloudy, but it never even sprinkled.

We did a quick stop to see The Bean (Cloud Gate) — because I kind of thought it was the most “Chicago-ish” thing to do. Ha!  And it was great.  The kids thought it was really cool, although I think they were perplexed as to why I wanted to do this. #crazymom

I came up with the “visit Chicago” plan for the sole purpose of visiting the Field Museum, because it happens to have the most complete T-Rex skeleton ever discovered — and I knew Tom would love that. (He did.)

The Field Museum is HUGE, and we only saw the dinosaur exhibits — which was massive — and Egyptian exhibit, which was truly awesome.  Our kids were too tired to do more than that!  You could spend days in this museum.  It was just gigantic, and such a beautiful building!  We were blown away.

We spent a total of 4 hours in Chicago that Sunday before heading on to Indiana, but we had the absolute best time.  The kids were really impressed with all we saw, and it was a great way to spend the day.  We’d love to go back and explore more someday.

Hi, Chicago! Bye, Chicago!





















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