Roadtrippin’: Columbia City, IN


After our afternoon in Chicago, we headed on to visit Grammy in Columbia City, Indiana!

We got to Indiana around 5:30, stopped at Taco Bell for supper, and headed over to Grammy’s apartment (where Mimi and Pops were waiting), and the kids immediately made themselves at home!

Grammy had a bag of little toys at her place, and the kids made quick work of it. Tom was scooting cars under her fridge, Alice was hiding toys from Pops, and I was trying to beat some type of quiz game.  Basically, we had a blast!

The kids loved Grammy and had the best time.  We left her place and went to our hotel so the kids could swim (in a pool that Kevin said was the “coldest pool in history”) before bed, and we headed back over to her place the next morning first thing.

We had a pizza lunch with Grammy that afternoon, where Alice wanted to serve the drinks, and make Grammy and Mimi do some posed photos. Ha!  She was so funny!  She just wanted to take pictures and be the perfect hostess.  It was kind of adorable.

We had the best visit with Grammy, and we were so happy to spend this time with her.  It was really great to see the kids with their great-grandmother, and I’m so glad we did this trip!

After lunch, we had to get back on the road…because Kevin needed to be in Baltimore the next day for a meeting!  We went over our options, and decided that us tagging along was the best option — so that’s what we did!

The road trippin’ continues…


Playing games with Pops!

Alice took this!

And this was one of her “posed” shots! Mimi was a good sport!



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