Roadtrippin’: Washington, DC Memorials.


The last stop on our road trip was very last minute and I think that’s what actually made it so insanely fun.

We had absolutely no expectations, and no real plan.

So it worked out perfectly!

Kevin got us a hotel that was so close to the action, my phone thought I was actually in The White House.

We got to our hotel that morning, and immediately headed out to explore.  Like…walking down the street, oh hey, there’s The White House!  Hi!

I had never been to DC, so this was all new for me, and I just thought it was insanely cool to see all these things I’d being seeing pictures of my whole life.

We grabbed hot dogs from a food truck and ate them on a sidewalk before continuing on to the Washington Monument. (Neat!)

I remember pointing up to it to show the kids how tall it was, and they were both looking at a baby sock that was stuck in a mud puddle.  So…you know. Maybe didn’t make the biggest impression on them this time. 😉

We walked over to the World War II Memorial, and took a break so the kids could guzzle their drinks, because y’all?  It was hot.  We are used to heat of course, but we don’t usually walk miles in it.  Ha! So. Hot.

We walked from that memorial over to the Lincoln Memorial (which I was the most excited to see).  Oh, I’m a huge Abe fan.  It was awesome to see the memorial, it was incredible to think about the “I Have A Dream” speech taking place there.  It was amazing, and the kids were impressed too.  We spent a bit of time there before heading out to relax in front of it, while the kids chased ducks.

Now later, a couple weeks after we returned home, I asked Tom what his favorite part of our DC trip was and he said, “I loved chasing the ducks.”

So there you have it!  When you take my 6-year-old to DC, he lovingly remembers chasing ducks into the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. (He said he just really wanted to touch one. Ha!)

After chasing ducks in front of Abe, we headed back toward the Washington Monument (sneaking a quick peek at the Jefferson Memorial) and got us some nice, cool popsicles.  We ate them under a tree, in front of the Washington Monument, and it wasn’t until we were getting up to leave that I realized we were facing The White House that entire time. Ha! I was so focused on eating my popsicle before it melted, I guess I didn’t even look up!

After that, we headed to the Smithsonian, which I will write about next!


















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3 Responses to Roadtrippin’: Washington, DC Memorials.

  1. waymel says:

    Next time you visit DC, you can visit ME! 🙂

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