Roadtrippin’: Smithsonian.


The last road trip adventure we had was a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

We walked over from the Washington Monument and walked right up.  And the kids were super thrilled because AIR CONDITIONING.

And it was amazing as soon as we walked in.

We focused on the massive dinosaur exhibits and they were truly amazing.  So many different skeletons of all kinds of animals really had the kids’ attention.

We also got to peek on some paleontologists actually working on newly discovered dinosaur bones, which was really awesome for Tom.

And Alice and I got a really good look at the Hope Diamond.  Neat!

I think I was most amazed at how beautiful and unique this place was, and I know I should’ve probably already known this, but I didn’t know it was free until I looked it up the day before.  Really?!  It was awesome.

We had a great time exploring everything, and it was a great way to end our short Washington, DC visit!

The next morning we drove  to Charlotte, then the following day we were back in Atlanta!  It was a wonderfully, memorable trip that we hope to do again someday.

The kids both really loved the whole idea of going on a road trip, and they still talk about it pretty often. I love it, because it opens up a whole world of exploring possibilities for us!  I can’t wait to plan another road trip with them.

We absolutely loved all of our adventures, and we loved, LOVED seeing all of our family along the way.  It was truly amazing.











We walked through the heart of the Federal Government district on the way back.



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