Merry Christmas In The New Year!

Hi y’all!

I’ve decided that one of my main New Year’s resolutions is…


I’m going to post a blog at least once a week!


It’s going to be oh-so-thrilling for us all, right?!


And I just want to put out there, that posting this week’s blog is taking a massive effort because I got a new computer for Christmas (yay!) and I have no idea how to work it (boo!). Lucky for my husband, I LOVE CHANGE AND TECHNOLOGY so I’m sure he’s excited I won’t be harassing him non-stop for this entire first year of new-computer-dom.

So here we go! Week ONE of 2017 — and I’m going to recap Christmas, which was filled with family, friends, adventures, and awesomeness. I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of any of it.

(she kids)

We…decorated gingerbread houses (pre-built houses ALL THE WAY), decorated Christmas cookies, and our Elf (who never gets into mischief) visited with breakfast one day and a cool experiment one day and then just moved around all the other days.

We also…visited Santa and the Pink Pig with family, ran a 5K with friends under Christmas lights, picked out our Christmas tree moments before Tom threw up on my shoes, and saw the Christmas parade in Mimi and Pops’ town!

And then we…experienced a couple of new things!  Like visiting Santa’s toy shop at the cute Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens (THE BEST!!), and hanging out around our town’s awesome lights display (I cannot believe there is an awesome, completely amazing, FREE thing here! It’s beautiful and I love it and I could gush about it forever but I won’t.)

After all that…it was time for us to harass our families with our love, gifts, weird noses, and wine.

And then it was Christmas…and Santa came, and Alice left him a carnation along with his cookies, and Tom got a huge Transformer, and Alice got the baby of her dreams, and their cousins came over and they played all day while the adults ate snacks and drank festive drinks, and then Tom passed out in a bed of robots which is what Christmas is all about.

The End. (And Merry Christmas!)





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4 Responses to Merry Christmas In The New Year!

  1. Mimi says:

    As always, I love your blog and I’m very excited about your new goal! ❤

  2. Kristina says:

    Glad you had a great Christmas holiday!

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