4-Year-Old Mountain Climber.


Last Friday, I took Alice on a hike in Cartersville on the Pine Mountain Trail.

I’d never done the hike before, but the views looked awesome, and I thought the West Loop part seemed like something we could do.

So after dropping Tom off at school, and after eating her breakfast and getting ready, we set out.

Taking kids on a hike you’ve never been on can go either way.  And this hike went the totally right way.

We had the best time. Alice was a rock star.  And the hike was really, really fun.

At first Alice stopped every 5 feet or so to investigate something, or pick up a treasure to put in her backpack.  She loved every. single. thing.  Rocks, leaves, moss, sticks…everything had value to her.  She climbed rocks along the way, picked out flat rocks to sit on and eat a snack, and climbed trees as often as she could.  It honestly was the cutest, best thing!

I felt like with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I hadn’t taken the time to spend some true time with Alice on her Fridays off from school.  Lately, it had seemed, those Fridays were used for last-minute errands and such.  The whole reason I only put her in Pre-K 4-days a week was to soak up all the time before big kid school, and yet I didn’t feel like I had been taking advantage of that time lately.

This solved that. We talked, laughed, hiked, explored, and discovered new things together.  She is such a neat little person, and I just loved spending the whole day with her, without interruption.

And I could not get over how well she did.  She pretty much hiked the whole thing herself (about 2 miles).  She was in good spirits the whole time.  She never once asked if we could be done.  She just…loved it.

When we reached the top and could see the clouds and the town below, she was so proud of herself.  I told her she had climbed a mountain, and she said she couldn’t wait to tell Daddy and Tom. And then she climbed down from her rock, and began collecting more treasures — bottle caps, sticks, rocks, a pen.  She entertained herself up there for a long time.

It was a great day.  I hope I never forget the day I climbed a mountain with a 4-year-old treasure hunter.








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