Tom’s Best 6-Year-Old Quotes!


It’s that time of year again — the time when my oldest child becomes OLDER!

Every year I think, “Oh, I’ve just loved this age so much!  I’m gonna miss it.”

And every year, I love the new year even more!

I have loved 6-year-old Tom so, so, so very much.

And I have loved the words that came out of 6-year-old Tom so, so, so very much.

Without further ado, here were my favorites from this year of Tom…

1. Feb. 12, 2016
Me (about Jurassic World): “Is Blue still alive?!”
Tom: “Well…no. The dinosaurs in this movie are just animatronics.”

2. Feb. 27, 2016
Me: “We need to clean this living room up before Joseph gets here.”
Tom: “Yeah, so then me and Joseph can mess it up.”

3. Feb. 28, 2016
Me: “You OK?”
Tom: “Yeah, I was just in the backyard looking at all the animals back there and it was beautiful.”

4. March 20, 2016
Kevin: “I like pretty much all kinds of documentaries.”
Tom: “What about poop documentaries?”

5. March 28, 2016
Tom: “Can I have popcorn for snack? With carrot casserole for my side item?”

6. March 30, 2016
Tom: “Mom, this is part of your birthday present! It’s a fake butterfly, but it’s sort of broken.”

7. April 28, 2016
Tom (just waking up this morning, in a sleepy haze): “I like…corn. And corn snakes.”

8. June 19, 2016
Me: “Did you make a new friend at camp?”
Tom: “Yes!”
Me: “Great! What’s his name?”
Tom: “Something weird. Like Lucifer or something.”

9. June 22, 2016
Tom: “Mom! It’s the mayonnaise song!!”

10. June 26, 2016
“You know what, Mom? Every day that I’m a kid and a teenager, I’m going to draw dinosaur pictures. That is my life!” –Tom

11. July 2, 2016
Tom: “I’ve changed my mind. When I grow up I don’t want to be a scientist, I want to be a CRAB CAPTAIN!”

12. July 2, 2016
Tom: “I wish dinosaurs had clothes on.”

13. July 18, 2016
“That popcorn sauce made my hands slippery.” –Tom

14. August 1, 2016
Tom: “I like Emily. She’s my girlfriend.”
Me: “Oh yeah? Does she know that?”
Tom: “No.”

15. Sept. 1, 2016
“I like to watch Battle Bots because I like to watch something EXTREME in the morning.” –Tom

16. Sept. 9, 2016
“When I grow up, if I have 2 boys, I’m gonna name them “John” and “Todd” okay?” –Tom

17. Oct.7, 2016
Tom: “Mom, you’re gonna think this is M-O-G!” *runs like a lunatic*

18. Dec. 29, 2016
“Bigfoots really inspire me because they live in the woods. People think they’re mean, but they just love nature! What’s wrong with that?!” -Tom

19. Jan. 6, 2017
“Oh my gosh, did you know people kill deer?! The cutest creatures in the world!” –Tom

20. Jan. 17, 2017
(Tom hands me a note w/ “Fi” written on it.)
Me: “What’s this?”
Tom:  “The word “‘Fi.'”
Me: “What’s fi?”
Tom: “Did you forget about the Fi bone in your leg?” #thigh

21. Jan. 21, 2017
“I’m just gonna go outside and dance for a little bit.” -Tom

22. Feb. 3, 2017
“For being the best mom in the whole wide world, I’m gonna give you my last chocolate coin! Also because I don’t like them that much.” –Tom

To see all my quotes from my crazy kids, here’s my Twitter.

To see Tom’s past quote posts, here they are: 2015 (4yo) / 2016 (5yo)

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