Happy 7th Birthday, Tom!


Dear Thomas,

You are a dream come true.  You honestly are.  You are a dream I never even dared to dream out loud, because it just seemed too big.  I still look at you sometimes in complete amazement.  I could never have imagined how awesome being your mom would be.

You are someone who is just…kind.  So, so, so kind. If someone is ever mean to you or someone else, your first response is total confusion.  You cannot even imagine why someone would ever be not nice.  You are the epitome of kindness, and it is inspiring to witness.

You are the most wonderful son, always telling me that I’m “the best mom ever!” even though I’m definitely not.  You are the most amazing big brother.  You will even play DOLLS with Alice on special occasions. I mean, that’s true love.

You love to help your dad put together Lego creations, and you’ve recently started helping him build model airplanes.  Your dad loves sharing these things with you, and I’m so happy you love it too.

You are a great cousin, always willing to share your toys. Giving away toys to Gus is your new favorite thing.  I think you just love making him happy.

You wake up at 6 a.m. on the dot every morning, and on weekends you stomp on your floor to make sure I know you’re awake.

You’ve told me you’re done with dinosaur toys for now, but you still always check out dinosaur books from the library.  When I read your favorite dinosaur books to your classmates on Friday, you stood beside me and added extra dinosaur facts to every page, much to your classmates admiration.

You won a science award last week for your class, and I think you kinda loved the attention, but you still couldn’t wait to give me your certificate to take home so you wouldn’t have to keep it with you.

You like to watch a channel on YouTube that makes you laugh out loud.  You still have the best belly laugh in the world, and that’s pretty much the only reason I let you watch YouTube.  Hearing that laugh makes me laugh.  So. Great.

You love Transformers toys right now.  You told me you wanted a Transformers party for your family party and I asked you what you especially wanted.  You wanted “Transformer cups and plates and a Transformer balloon.”  How sweet are you?!  Such easy requests. Done and done.

You are a smiling, happy, joy of a boy who is the definition of goodness.  I still cannot believe that you are our boy.  And that you are SEVEN!  Thank you for making these past 7 years the best of our lives.  We LOVELOVELOVE you, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next.

LOVE you,


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2 Responses to Happy 7th Birthday, Tom!

  1. Nicole says:

    Such a sweet birthday letter. Happy birthday Tom!

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