Tom’s Transformers-Themed 7th Birthday Party!


This year I gave Tom a choice — he could either have a big friends-invited party, or he could have a family party and an adventure.  He chose the latter!  (Yay!!)

The adventure he chose is a visit to Great Wolf Lodge over his winter break.  We can’t wait!

And we had the family party last weekend, and we really had the best time!

And gone are the days of me working hard on a theme for Tom’s parties, and going all out with crafts and foods.  Here are the days of asking the birthday boy what he really wants to see at his party — and he said, “Transformers cups and plates and a Transformers balloon.”  Such sweet and simple requests!  I actually think he’s rebelling against cute themed parties.  I mean, he wants the themed cups and plates I’ve avoided all along!  Ha!  But I was happy to oblige.  I wanted him to feel like this party was all *him* — and I think we accomplished that.  I LOVED this party.  Truly loved it.  It was all about Tom, and it was just a fun, good time.

One of the others things Tom requested early on was a cake that he could decorate with his Transformer toys.  He had a whole plan for it, and described it to me in great detail. So I baked and iced a cake for him.  Once Matilda, Gus, and Hazel arrived, I got out some sprinkles and candles, Tom got some of his toys, and I let the 5 of them decorate it however they wanted.  And y’all?  They did the best job!  It was the cutest, most hilarious thing, and I really can’t see myself decorating a cake myself ever again.


The decor was pretty simple — and my favorite was this 7 we cut out from a cardboard box.  Tom told me which pictures he wanted printed, and then he glued them on there and colored in the blank spots.  Y’all, this boy hates crafts, but he LOVED this!  He was so, so proud of it.  It was perfect!


Plates and cups as requested!


He also did get a Transformer balloon. (Not seen here!)  It was one of those huge, gliding balloons.  He loved it…at first.  And then it popped a little and caused tears.  Then it popped even more and caused even more tears.  I think the balloon ended up being some type of torture!  By the end of the day, it was so deflated he asked me to “hide it away so he wouldn’t have to look at it because it made him so sad.”  Umm….great gift!

Best Buddies.

Alice’s pose cracks me up!

Party cousins!

It was a super great time, and I’m so happy with all of Tom’s ideas — that boy knows how to throw a great party!

Happy Birthday Party, Tom!

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