Great Birthday at Great Wolf.


I’m behind on my weekly postings!  But my excuse is this: Tom got sick the day before we were heading out of town.  Then we went out of town later in the week. Then I got his sickness.  And y’all, I’m still not completely well!  What in the world?  Apparently it now takes me about a month to get over the common cold.  #old

But where we went was oh-so-fun!  I asked Tom if he wanted a “friends” party for his birthday this year, or if he wanted to go on an adventure, and he chose adventure!  So a couple weeks after he turned 7 — and then a couple of days after we were originally supposed to go — we headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC.

This place was awesome.  It’s a lodge-themed resort hotel with a water park inside of it.  We absolutely had the best time.

We stayed in a room where the kids had their own separate tent-themed sleeping area, which they loved!  Our room had a little porch that led out to the grass, which was awesome for them.  They love, love, LOVED the water park!  They were able to do a couple of slides all by themselves, and we all totally loved the family water slide that we could all go on together.  And the resort had some sort of magic wand game that my kids were nuts about.  We bought our kids their wands, and then we bought a game book for Tom so he could complete all the tasks and earn points.  With Alice, we just bought her the wand, but no book, so she could just use hers to make things magically move. Alice LOVED her wand.  Any spare time she had, she wanted to go around the hotel and try to get things to move, light up, open, or talk.  It was so neat, and Alice could not get enough.

We also went bowling, went to the arcade, saw their nightly lobby show, and met a couple of their characters.  I think in the two days we were there, we went to the water park 5 different times.  We LOVED it.

I loved how much the kids loved this place.  As soon as we left, the kids kept talking about the next time we go.  (They want their cousins to join us next time, which I agree would be perfect!)

Basically, we had a blast!  I’m so happy Tom chose this adventure for his birthday, I think he was super pleased with himself, and I know he had the most amazing time.

Happy Birthday adventure, Tom!

The way to our kids’ hearts is bunk beds.

In cool Kate news, I accidentally wore my “Mama Bear” shirt to meet a bear.  Also, Alice is the cutest, and Tom doesn’t care AT ALL about meeting characters.

Water park fun!

Bowling and sorcery!

Now I’m going to do my best to keep up with my weekly goal!  More posts soon. LOVE!



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