Alice’s Best 4-Year-Old Quotes.


My girl is the funniest little thing.  She constantly cracks me up with the things she says!  She’s pretty much kept us laughing her whole 4-year-old year.  Here are some of her funniest moments from the year she was four…

1. March 21, 2016
Me (hugging Alice between me and Kevin): “Gelsthorpe sandwich!”
Alice: “Am I the cheese?!”

2. March 23, 2016
Alice: “Guess what happened at school today!?”
Me: “What?”
A: “Mohnish ate a crayon and I was fashion forward!”

3. March 29, 2016
Alice: “I like your sunglasses!”
Me: “Aw! Thank you!”
A: “That doesn’t mean I really like them, I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

4. April 8, 2016
(Kev was out of town all week & asked what we did.)
Alice: “We went to the mall, and saw BIG GIRL PANTIES!”

5. April 14, 2016
Tom: “Stop staring at me!”
Alice: “I can’t help it. He’s just so handsome.”
*Tom blushes*

6. April 18, 2016
Alice: “Do you like this meal I made? It’s made out of chocolate, chocolate milk, salt, and trash.”

7. May 15, 2016
Alice: “I love everything that’s on you. I love your skin. I love your eyebrows. And I love your little…teeth.”

8. May 17, 2016
Me: “Alice, how do you spell your name?”
Alice: “A-line-i-c-e!”

9. June 8, 2016
Alice: “Can you bring me a drink in the car? Because we always have drinks in the house, and that’s a little bit boring for me.”

10. June 21, 2016
Alice: “I played with Tomato today!”
Me: “You mean Matteo?”
Alice: “Yeah, Tomato shared his Play-Doh with me.”

11. June 28, 2016
“I think I have brain freeze on my leg.” — Alice

12. July 11, 2016
“I want to write ‘Ham’ because that’s my Grandma’s name!” –Alice

13. July 19, 2016
Girl at playground: “How old are you?”
Alice: “I’m 4. But I’m almost 16.”

14. July 21, 2016
“I want to watch ‘The Boy Who Cried Sheep.'” — Alice

15. July 22, 2016
Alice: “I just want to have fun. And eating? That’s not fun for me. Fun is fun.”

16. August 5, 2016
Me: “Why don’t you like Jasmine?”
Alice: “I don’t like princesses who wear PANTS!”

17. August 8, 2016
Alice (pretending to talk on phone, hangs up abruptly): “My friend was just talking crazy, so I had to shut her down.”

18. August 16, 2016
Alice: “Mom, I am just not a share person. My brain, my heart, and my bones say it. I don’t want to share. This is my life.”

19. August 24, 2016
Alice: “This is called a secuni, did you know that?”
Me: “A bikini?”
Alice: “Yes, a bikini. Isn’t that weird?”

20. August 29, 2016
Alice: “You know what? You’re weird, and fun, and funny, and I love you all the way to Saturn.”

21. September 6, 2016
Alice: “I just really want to live in Paris! Please?! They have macarons, and other desserts…”

22. September 25, 2016
Me: “This Halloween party lasts until midnight.”
Alice (gasps): “That’s a real time?!?”

23. October 11, 2016
Alice: “Can I have a Popsicle?”
Me: “Yes, but you have to go inside to get it.”
A (stomping off): “Ugh. It’s SO hard being me!”

24. October 14, 2016
Alice: “I love you, Thomas! I want to marry you, but I can’t.”
Tom: “Yeah, that’s not allowed.” *blushes*

25. November 8, 2016
Tom: “She called me a stupid dummy!”
Alice: “I’m sorry, Tom. I meant to say ‘I love you’ but the wrong thing came out.”

26. December 5, 2016
“Mom? How do I spell, ‘Matilda, come to my birthday party, there’s going to be cake.’?” –Alice

27. December 8, 2016
Me: “You’re gonna make a great Mom one day.”
Alice: “I already know how to do everything, except turn on the bathtub faucets.”

28. December 8, 2016
Alice: “I’m gonna sing a love song to my brother!”
Tom: “No!”
(We all wait to hear…)

29. February 1, 2017
“If I had two mommies, you would be my favorite.” –Alice

30. February 1, 2017
“I want a Finding Dory party! No, Star Wars! No, Palace Pets! No, tamales!” –Alice

31. February 7, 2017
“I’m going to be mad at you all day! Until I die.” –Alice

32. February 8, 2017
Alice: “Were you alive in the 1980s?”
Me: “I was!”
Alice: “Oh my goodness, were you in black and white?!”

33. February 8, 2017
Me: “Show and tell is tomorrow.”
Alice: “Yay! I’m gonna show this bump on my head.”

34. February 21, 2017
*I’ve explained dam/damn*
Alice: “So I can’t say, ‘That’s a damn shiny egg!’ I just have to say, ‘Oh my goodness, that egg is soooo shiny!'”

I am still dying over the damn shiny egg, y’all!! Probably will be for the rest of my life.


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2 Responses to Alice’s Best 4-Year-Old Quotes.

  1. Robyn says:

    She’s the best. The damn shiny egg was awesome. She can use #25 with her husband years from now.

  2. waymel says:

    Oh she’s so funny. I was laughing so hard reading these that Abby wanted to know what I was doing. I love that you collect these.

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