Alice’s 5th {Camping Themed} Birthday Party.


I think every time I talk about a themed party, I deem it my favorite.

But I really, really feel like this one is my FOR REAL favorite!

I have never had so much fun planning a party.  And a lot of it was done at the last minute, which is not usually something I do – but it worked!  And Alice thought the whole thing was pretty fun, and she had a blast.  So…yay!!  FAVORITE.

The best part about planning this party for me was — I didn’t buy a lot for it.  We camp.  And the weekend before her party, we’d camped.  So a lot of things were still out — like lanterns and sleeping bags and twinkly lights.  So I used her party as an excuse to not pack everything up so quickly, and I used them as decor around the house.

I’m also not an artist at all — but for this party, I just needed to be able to draw a triangle for a tent shape, and stars.  Even I can do those things.  So I was able to decorate a lot with just those simple shapes.

I used different shades of pink paper for a lot of the signage — and I already had those pink papers.  See?!  Hoarding crafts supplies is SUCH A GOOD THING.

Alice and I made her big “5” out of poster board and crushed up pieces of tissue paper I already had.  I’d seen a more extravagant version of that “5” on Pinterest, but I honestly felt like our version looked almost the exact same.  Yay for shortcuts!

The things I bought were the pink canteens from Oriental Trading, the teddy bears and bug boxes from the Dollar Tree, and I bought science fair display boards to make tents for everyone. What tents, you ask?!



I bought 2 display boards and taped them together at the top with packing tape, then I let the kids decorate them! I just sort of propped them up to look like a tent, and they stayed for the most part. (There was one exception, so we added some cardboard to the inside to make it more straight.)  They could’ve slept in them, but they didn’t.  (Well, my niece did, but the rest opted for actual beds that night.) Ha!

When Alice and I were talking about her party, one of the first things she said was that she wanted to play “Pin the door on the tent!”  I loved so much how she asked, “You know that game, right?”  Like, “Pin the door on the tent” is totally common!  How cute is that?!  She was all about it, too.  (Also, everyone totally peeked!  Gus put his off to the side, but I have a feeling that was more to be funny, and not because he couldn’t see where he was putting it. Hahaha! #blindfoldfail)

We made rain sticks out of old Pringles cans, earned our badges (free printable here), hunted for pretend bugs in the backyard, made a fire, laughed with our friends, and had cake!

It really was so much fun!!

And you know how much I love doing an easy thing that looks like it was a hard thing?  That was the cupcakes this time!



Green candy melts + ziploc baggie + pretzel sticks = edible tree cupcake toppers!  Took 5 minutes, required no skill, and looked so cute!  These were my favorites.  (You could totally do these at Christmas too, adding sprinkles for ornaments right?)

I loved this camping-themed party for my outdoor-loving little one.  She had so much fun, and was so happy to say she had a slumber party!  (Her cousins spent the night.)  She was gracious and excited the whole day, and just loved her special party day.

LOVE you, Alice!!



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3 Responses to Alice’s 5th {Camping Themed} Birthday Party.

  1. jenhamrick says:

    Awwww! Looks so, so fun!

  2. Kristina says:

    Everything looks awesome!

  3. waymel says:

    So amazing. You are a party genius!

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