Missing You/School Updates.

I’ve failed on my New Year’s resolution of writing a blog post once a week in a spectacular fashion.

I thought saying out loud that it was my resolution would help me to keep it.  But no!  Even the shame of you guys knowing I’m a big resolution breaker couldn’t get me here.

And then there have been times I’ve felt the need to write here, and then I’ve felt there was too much to catch up on before I wrote what I wanted to write.  Shouldn’t I show you how their school years ended?  That we moved out of town I’ve lived in or around for 18 years?!  That we had to say goodbye to friends and neighbors, and it was so heartbreaking?  Shouldn’t I show you what we did this past summer?  Shouldn’t I explain how their new school years are going?

And then this week I decided to just write when I wanted to write.  You know, like a grown up!

So here I am.


What I wanted to write about is to tell you that Alice is rocking Kindergarten.  She loves her new school, and her teachers.  She loves going to PE, Music, and Art.  She totally loves eating lunch in the cafeteria.  She’s mad I won’t let her ride the bus.  She’s started reading small books, and she’s so proud to show that off.  She asks me how to spell things all day long.  She loves to draw, and color, but she really loves to write and show off her new skills.

I met with her teacher this week, and she said that Alice is a helper. That she’s always ready and willing to help the teachers or her fellow students.  And that is just totally Alice.  She is always wanting to help teach others, always kind.  Last year in her preschool class, there was a little boy in her class who had Down Syndrome — and Alice was his permanent “buddy.”  She just adores helping people, and teaching them things (even her big brother, which he hates!).  Alice is just loving school so much, and I’m so thankful.

You know how your heart feels settled when you know your child is where they’re supposed to be? That’s how I feel about Alice and Kindergarten.

I also wanted to tell you about Tom in 2nd grade.  Have I mentioned here before that Tom is not a big school fan?  He loved preschool (he was there for 2’s, 3’s and Pre-K).  When he started “big kid school” for Kindergarten, it was tough.  That entire year was a major struggle.  It was then that I realized that maybe Tom was going to be a different kind of student than I was.  In the beginning, I felt like I really struggled to get his teachers to understand him, but when they did — they DID.  And it was awesome. We ended that year with a lot of hope, and a good relationship with his teachers (who I still keep in touch with today).

In first grade, his teacher was the sweetest, warmest, most wonderful person.  Just perfect for my sensitive boy.  She immediately understood Tom was a different type of student, and began making accommodations for his learning in her classroom.  I volunteered in the class once a week, every week.  We became really close.  We worked together, and Tom was diagnosed with ADHD by our pediatrician at the end of the year. I worked really hard after his diagnosis to get the proper forms filled out and transferred to his new school, so the new school would know what to expect.  Tom’s teacher, unfortunately, had to leave before school was out (about a month before), so getting the forms all completed was no easy task, but it was important to me that we keep our momentum with his schooling going.  The fact that 1st grade went so well, put all of my previous worries to rest.

Do you know where this is going?  This year has been the most difficult, by far.

I keep trying to understand where it’s all going so wrong, but it’s really hard to figure it out.  Let me say, we moved to the number one school district in Georgia.  So I think in some ways, because last year went so well, because I have a diagnosis now, because we had the proper forms ready at the beginning of this year, and because this school is so highly recommended — my expectations for this year were high.  Maybe that has some (or a lot!) to do with why it’s been so hard for me personally.  I’ve always had a hard time recovering from the unexpected, and that’s what’s happened here.

You know that unsettled feeling in your heart when you feel like you’re sending your child to something that’s not the right fit?  That’s how I feel about Tom in second grade.

And what’s really scary for me is that Tom is at a primary school this year.  It’s a K-2 school. Next year, in third grade, he has to move to a new school.  Again.


I’m researching options.  And even with that, I haven’t given up hope that this year will turn around, and they will truly “see” Tom for who he is. Tom has a team of teachers working with him, and they all love Tom. (Side note: I don’t like his homeroom/main teacher.  But I adore the three others who work with him throughout his day.)

In the meantime, I’m researching homeschool for Tom in a major way.  I spend all my spare time on Pinterest and reading blogs and checking out books form the library about homeschooling. Originally, I was researching it more seriously in direct response to this school year, but the more I read and learn about it, the more strongly I feel that this may be the perfect fit for Tom.  I’m starting to think that if I had done this research originally, without knowing the difficulties we’d face, that I would’ve chosen it then.

So that’ s where I am, and where we are!  It’s just been on my mind constantly these past three months, and I just want to put it out there into my blog world.  Hi, I’m researching homeschool for Tom.  If you needed an answer from me today, I’d say we’re definitely doing it for next year for Tom.  But by the time I really need to give an answer, it may be different.

Have you missed me and my indecisiveness?



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4 Responses to Missing You/School Updates.

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m sorry to read that Toms having a hard time. We struggled all last year with Mary who ended up in summer school because she failed reading! I’m still working on getting her tested so we can get onto the right path. Because like you we moved to the top rated school and kindergarten went great and the world fell apart in first grade!!! Best of luck to you!!

  2. waymel says:

    Kate! Yes, I missed you. And I’m sorry you’ve had a hard time, but glad you are feeling hopeful about the homeschool option. I thought you were *so* close a few years ago. You would be an awesome, amazing homeschool mom. And I have to say…check out Memoria Press! The lesson plans are so, so helpful, and knowing that the whole plan is laid out and organized and all taken care of is a huge relief. Although, you might really enjoy a Charlotte Mason approach – strong emphasis on being outdoors and in nature. (Check out Ambleside Online, if you haven’t already!) I hope you can get back to blogging, I love your posts!

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