Life Lately.

Oh my goodness, we woke up this morning and it was SO cold!  Yay!!  Totally wore my favorite puffer vest and warm boots to school drop off this morning. (And I lit a scented Christmas candle so it smells like a winter wonderland in here. Kevin, JUST GO WITH IT!)  Here’s a little look at our life lately (when I’m not pretending it’s December)…


Every chilly morning, Tom wakes up wanting a fire and a cup of hot chocolate. A boy after my own heart! He just sets himself up a little cozy nest, and settles in. LOVE that sweet boy! (Are you worried that blanket is too close to the fire?  I was too, so I moved it right after this picture.)

Kevin signed the kids up for martial arts at the beginning of the school year — and they LOVE IT!  I’ve signed them up for several things, and we’ve already dropped all of them.  But this, they love!  (Dad wins!) They each go twice a week, and it’s something they truly look forward to.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Alice’s promotion ceremony when she moved up a belt. She was so excited!  (Tom moved up a belt in his class, too, but I think that picture is on Kevin’s phone.)

My Tom often struggles with his confidence. On this day, his teacher gave him the option of four boards — and he could choose which one he wanted to try to break.  The red board being the easiest, and the black board being the most difficult.  I could not have been more surprised and proud when he chose the most difficult!  And he had to try it a few times, but y’all? HE GOT IT.  So, so proud.  I kind of teared up.  This class has been the best thing for Tom.

There is a pond in our neighborhood here, and it has become a routine to walk down to it in the evenings. The kids are always trying to catch frogs, or crickets, and they just generally love to explore down there.  It’s become one of my favorite things!

Alice loves to take the scooter down to the pond because there’s a big hill where she can give her mom a heart attack.  Then she goes to find a frog to cuddle.  That’s totally her routine!  LOVE her and her sweet heart.  She just adores all types of animals.  She told me the other day that all she wants for Christmas is a real baby puppy, a real baby kitten, and a real baby PANDA. Oh, is that all?!  Ha!  LOVE!

We found this lizard in our backyard, and he seemed to be wanting to warm up!  At first I thought he was near death, because I don’t think it’s normal for a lizard to be so…okay with people.  But he seemed totally fine later, just tuckered out!  He stayed like this for an hour.

And then Tom made him this bed.  And I didn’t think the lizard would stay in there. And I was wrong, because he was still sleeping in there in the morning!  What?!  This lizard loved us/was nuts.

I know this just looks like a bunch of leaves, but it isn’t. It’s an army that was carefully set up by Tom in the driveway.  And he was serious about it, and played out there with them for a really, really long time.  They had names, and battle plans, and the occasional internal issues. This child’s imagination is off the charts amazing, and I hope he knows how important I think that is.

And lastly, my cute girl this morning before school!  I cannot stand the cuteness!  She’s just my little doll girl!  And could I love this pose more?  I could not! Ha!  I love how much she loves school, and how she’s just the cutest little fashionista.  She’s a hoot!

That’s a look at our life lately!  Please note I wrote two blog posts in two days — I  would love a gold star if you have one. LOVE!



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4 Responses to Life Lately.

  1. Gigi says:

    You get a gold star from Gigi

  2. waymel says:

    Gold star! The lizard story is hilarious. And the leaf army with “occasional internal issues.” Haha! So glad you’re back!

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