Halloween 2017.


Halloween 2017 is in the books!  And it was awesome.

As per our tradition, after school we headed over to Rachel’s house. But unlike years past, it only took us 15 minutes to get there now that we live closer — instead of our previous 1.5 hours.

My mom met us there, and the kids played for a couple of hours, before we headed out through the woods to Rachel’s town’s downtown area.

Rachel’s town has a main street, with older homes on it.  The police shut the street down, and everyone comes out and trick-or-treats on that main stretch.  It’s so neat!  Every year, I feel like we’re in a Disney Halloween movie.  And the kids just adore being with their cousins.  Trick-or-treating with Mary Poppins, a cowboy, and a pink Princess Elsa?  Nothing better!

This year, Tom was a werewolf.  He knew he wanted to be some type of monster, and at Target, he decided a werewolf was the best.  He was so cute and funny.  He only put on that scary werewolf mask once he got to the person handing out the candy.  Other than that, it was off and he was smiling and laughing the whole time.  It was so funny to me that this sweet, sensitive soul wanted to be something so…scary!

Alice was Rey, from the newest Star Wars film.  My BFF let me know when Disney was having a sale, and because Alice hadn’t decided what to be yet, we scrolled through all of their costumes online.  Of course, they were all princess costumes — which she liked — but when she got to Rey (tough, awesome Rey!) — Alice LOVED it!  She immediately said, “REY! REY! REY!  I want to be REY!”  And she was Rey.  And y’all?  She took it so seriously!  I don’t think she ever wanted to smile in her costume, she was so intent on becoming the character.  She’s a little actress, that girl!

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with family, heading home with all of our loot, and then eating the stew that my brother-in-law made for us.  It was the best day!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween, too!










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1 Response to Halloween 2017.

  1. Gigi says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful tricks and treating.

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