Life Lately.


Life this week has been all about getting ready for Thanksgiving break next week!  I’m pretty much just as excited as the kids.  I’ve spent most of this week trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done while the kids were in school, because nothing makes me happier than having it done before December gets here!  And I’m thisclose to having it all done.  I’ve got a few stragglers, but I’m inching toward the finish line now. Woo!

Last weekend, Tom was so funny and cute when he asked if we could go to Fernbank Museum.  We went all the time when we lived in Atlanta, but since the move, we’d only been once this summer. (We’re about an hour away from it now.)  So this weekend, we went!  And I’m SO glad we did.  First, Tom had the absolute best time.  That boy feels more at home surrounded by dinosaurs than anywhere else.  And second, my BFF and her family met us there at the last minute — so it was awesome to do a quick in-person catch up like old times. Yay!  I had to mention that they were there, because I got no pictures of it at all.  Not even any with Alice and her BFF Maggie!  #momfail

But the museum was awesome, and Tom was in his element.  I shared this story on Instagram, but my favorite part was when a volunteer was setting up a table to talk about dinosaurs, and Tom went to talk to him.  I was a little bit away, but I just kept hearing the volunteer say, “Yes! You’re right!” about 20 times to whatever Tom was saying.  When I asked Tom later what they talked about, he said, “Well, he at first said that the T-rex and the ??? (some other dinosaur name I’ve forgotten) lived at the same time, but I told him that a lot of people think that, but they didn’t, because the T-rex lived during the Cretaceous period and the other dinosaur lived during the Jurassic.  And then he realized I was right.”

Well…okay then!

I will say that when moments like this happen at the museum, it fills my mama heart right up.  Because Tom struggles so much in school with reading and writing, and seeing him soar and excel at something that he loves — well, it kinda makes me tear up.  It just means a lot to us right now.  That moment alone was worth the trip.




I keep my niece, Hazel, several days a week for Rachel and Adam.  She’s such a good, smart little thing!  This week her favorite thing was taking 1 million pictures of us on my phone.  My favorite was when she said, “Okay, let’s cuddle!”  Okay!


I snapped this picture of Alice, who fell asleep with her new book fair find!  She literally snuggled up with a good book. (About a magic puppy, of course!)


The kids were dressed so snazzy yesterday!  Man, they’re cute!


Alice loves to show off her fashion choices.  Alice is always putting together things I wouldn’t think of — and she’s way better at it than me!  Future fashionista for sure.


One last picture from the museum.  Alice is an accidental model all the time.  I don’t pose her — she’s just living her model life!


Hope y’all have a great weekend, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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