Surviving Thanksgiving.

IMG_9498You guys, we had the best Thanksgiving!

Now everything else that I will share in this blog about our Thanksgiving may seem to contradict that statement, but it doesn’t.  I swear.

We had the best Thanksgiving!  Remember that.

Thanksgiving morning we woke up early to drive down to my parents’ house.  Tom said that his throat felt weird, and I said it was probably allergies or just dry.  And then I packed everything and all the people into the van and started the drive down.

Pretty much from the beginning of the drive, Tom said he thought he had car sickness. I opened up his window and just kept going.  But once we got to Macon (about 30 minutes from my parents’ house) he kind of started really saying he wasn’t feeling well at all. So I pulled off the road with the intent of getting him some crackers from the back for him, but while I was doing that, he threw up.

Now, even though *I* had had a virus at the beginning of the week, I still thought it was car sickness with Tom.

Never underestimate the power of denial.

Poor, poor, poor Tom.

This is the fourth Thanksgiving in a row he has missed because he’s been sick.  He gets a virus on Thanksgiving every year!  Isn’t that the weirdest thing?!

So next year, NOBODY TELL HIM it’s Thanksgiving!

Anyway, the poor dude was so bummed to miss Thanksgiving.  He just stayed in the guest room with his bowl, and I just checked on him throughout the day.  And can I just say, he’s actually the best sick person I’ve ever met.


Seriously, he was always so…happy?  Is that the right word?  Optimistic?  He would throw up, and then say something like, “I think I only have 3 more throw ups left for today, and then I’ll be done!”  And you guys, he was honestly right.  I’m so thankful for this sweet boy, and so sorry he’s got some Thanksgiving curse on him!

In other non-vomit-y news, Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house with my Uncle Kelly was wonderful and we had an amazing time.  My mom outdid herself (as usual) and everything was beyond great. Thanks, Mom!




The next day Tom woke up feeling awesome!  So he ate like…4 helpings of carrot casserole for breakfast (that’s the part he was really bummed to miss out on!) and then we headed to the Museum of Aviation where they were having their visiting model train exhibit.  Tom adores this exhibit, so we were thrilled to be there while it was there!

One of the train guys was selling old Hot Wheels cars, so we bought some for the kids and headed outside to play, while Kevin walked around looking at all the planes.

And after five minutes, Alice ran over to us crying and saying there were ants on her.  Now, Alice is a fire ant magnet. For real, she is.  She kind find one anywhere and it will bite her.  She once got bit by an ant IN THE OCEAN.  And they hugely affect her (they really swell up, and she has trouble sleeping they bother her so much), so when she says there are ants on her, I take it seriously!

Assuming they were on her feet/shoes, I took those off and started brushing them away.  But she’s still super upset and saying they’re in her shirt.  So I take that off.  And they are!!  In her shirt, on her belly, on her back!  So I got scared they were in her britches and took those off too (and they were there too!) and then Tom said, “There’s one in her hair!”  Oh my gosh you guys — THEY WERE IN HER HAIR!  A bunch.  In her dark brown hair, making them hard to find.  I mean, seriously?!  Who gets fire ants in their hair!?!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!  Oh my gosh, this poor child!  She is naked, outside a busy museum, and her mom and Grandma are shaking ants out of her hair!

My little girl got 13 bites total (feet, shoulder, hip, back, HEAD, and neck), but again, because this happens to her, I actually carry Benedryl in my purse.  So she took that right away, and then we went about our day!  Ha! She was fine the rest of the day!  Such a trooper.

That evening we went to the farm to visit and spend the night.  It was awesome.  Pretty much right away, Alice caught a HUGE catfish!  We seriously never catch them that big, because usually our lines snap.  But she got it!


And then the next day, Tom caught 3 brim, right in a row! And none of the rest of us caught any!  Ha!  He was so proud!


After fishing, we rode around on the golf cart (A LOT!) and the kids like to stop and swing on the big, round swing that hangs from a tree near the lake.  Kevin was pushing them, and I walked over to get a picture — and right when I got there and got ready to take a picture of them, the rope SNAPPED and they crashed right on the ground.

This is the picture I took when it collapsed. I call this, “Mom running.”

What?!  Poor babies!!  They both cried, because it scared them to death!  But they were both okay.  And later in the day, Alice completely forgot that happened, because she asked to go swing. Ha!

Oh my goodness. Whew!  We survived Thanksgiving.

And I am telling you, we loved it.  We honestly had the best time.  We loved being with family, and we loved being out at the farm, and we loved everything.  I think it just shows that after you’ve been a parent for awhile, you know stuff happens, and you just keep on keepin’ on!  Kids are resilient, man.

Hope y’all had a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Here’s hoping next year has a little less vomit, ant-filled hair, and rope breakages.






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4 Responses to Surviving Thanksgiving.

  1. Gigi says:

    Love reading your adventures.Love you all.Gigi.

  2. waymel says:

    “Only 3 more throw ups left” — ha ha. Poor Tom. And poor Alice! Fire ants are the worst!! She must have rolled around in the hill. Ugh. But way to stay positive, everyone! 🙂

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