A Charlie Brown Christmas Party.

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Now that we live close to Rachel and her kids, I’ve taken advantage and invited them over every Friday in December for a Christmas movie night!  Our first movie night was Friday, December 1, and it was even better than I could’ve imagined!

Our first Christmas movie was A Charlie Brown Christmas!

I honestly had so. much. fun with this!  I pretty much just crafted everything for it, and nothing makes me happier than a ton of themed crafts.  Seriously.

And I think the kids — oh, this is for the kids, right?! — had the best time!  They played with each other, I made them a nutritious meal of hot dogs (which Tom aptly named “Snoopy dogs”and ohmygosh, I’ve never been more proud!), they gobbled up all the Charlie Brownies, were all super stoked for the craft, wore their necklaces, and watched the movie.

It was really fun, and they were so cute!

Party Details!

And here’s the stuff that make my craft-loving heart go pitter-patter!

I made the Snoopy house out of an old box, a red poster board for the roof, and construction paper.  I already had red paint to paint the box, and I didn’t even bother caring that you could still see the delivery label and all that.  Who cares!  I just taped the poster on top, drew lines with a Sharpie, and cut out “snow” and “lights” out of construction paper.  It honestly didn’t even really take very long.  It was one of those projects that I thought looked neat, but wasn’t hard!  My favorite!


I made Lucy’s psychiatric advice stand out of stuff I had around the house.  I hot glued paper straws to the bottom of a little crate I had, and taped a piece of cardboard from a box on top.  It was the perfect little platform for my Merry Christmas, Charlie Brownies!


And Charlie’s tree was also made with stuff I had already.  I had these wood shims — is that what they’re called? — I think that’s right. (They were from Lowe’s, but you could use anything — rulers!  Whatever.)  Anyway, I had them from a project I did years ago, and they popped into my mind when I was thinking about the tree.  So I used those, hot glued them together for the base. Then I used a screwdriver to kind of carve out a little dent in the top of it, so my Christmas tree branch would sit in there.  My “tree” is a literal scrap from our Christmas tree.  I squirted hot glue in the dent I made, and sat the tree in there, holding it until it dried a bit.  I then grabbed the red ball ornament off our actual tree. Ha!  The ornament made it too heavy for my stand, so I put a couple of rocks on top of the base, and covered it with a 20 cent piece of felt…I mean, Linus’s blanket! Tah-dah!


And our backdrop was a Kate and Alice original!  I already had that blue plastic tablecloth (I’m a hoarder of party supplies, remember?), so one night I just decided to paint the “snow” on there as a backdrop.  And then Alice came in and wanted to help, and we had the best time!  She was so funny, and had a real and true plan for how she wanted it to look.  She used her fingers, she used different sized paint brushes, she just…added her own touch!  And it was awesome.  I loved having her help.


For our craft with the kids, we made handprint trees!  Painting the kids’ hands is always a hit. (Except with Hazel, who hates “being dirty.”  Ha! But even she did this!)  Again, this was just all stuff I already had.


Each kid received a Linus blanket (piece of felt), and a Christmas light necklace ($1 each from Dollar Tree).


And that was it!  Fun had by all! (Especially me.)

And the best part was — it was under $10!  Woo!

Five kids, under $10.  Pretty good, right?

Okay! So here’s the cost breakdown:

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: $0
Psychiatric Help Set-Up: $0
Linus “blankets”: pieces of felt from Michael’s 20 cents x 6 = $1.20
Snoopy’s dog house: poster board for roof from Wal-Mart 50 cents
Five Christmas light necklaces from Dollar Tree: $5
Tablecloths for table and backdrop (Dollar Tree): $2

TOTAL: $8.70

Woo-hoo!  I’m pretty proud of that total.  (And so is Kevin, I suspect. Ha!)

I had way too much fun with this one, and I can’t wait for the next!  I think $10 parties is going to be my new goal. Let’s see how I do next time…

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  1. waymel says:

    You’re amazing!!

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