I just uploaded all the pictures for this Christmas recap — and oh. my. word!!

Apparently, I have a picture-taking addiction.

And a do-a-lot-at-Christmas addiction.

And a coffee addiction, but that’s not relevant here.

Christmas was awesome.  It was our first Christmas living in Athens, and we truly had a really wonderful holiday.  We were able to avoid Atlanta holiday traffic, but still venture into the city to keep up some of our traditions!  And we got to add some new Athens-area traditions to our list too.

All in all, it was an awesome Christmas, and it looked a lot like this:


Visited Santa and rode the Pink Pig at Lenox Square, per our Atlanta traditions. And this time, Hazel got to join us!  Her favorite color is pink, so it was a big hit.  And the big man in red heard all about how Tom wanted dinosaurs, and Alice wanted a scooter this year.

We also…

Went to the Athens Children’s Parade for the first time, after eating at the most amazingly decorated Chick-fil-A EVER!


Built a car at the school Santa night, ran through the Christmas lights with friends, decorated our kids with Christmas lights, got a scare from the Grinch, decorated our house, and waited in line to ride on a train through the school!

We also…

Took the girls to see The Nutcracker, got a visit and breakfast from our elf, laughed our heads off at videos of people slipping on ice, posed in front of garage doors in our pretty dresses, and visited the Georgia Museum of Art on their Family Christmas day!


Decorated Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house!

We also…

Went fishing in our Christmas jammies, trained beluga whales, hid in gigantic ornaments, felt small, and loved on a giant Christmas tree.


Hosted a class Christmas party for Alice, and hosted a Polar Express movie night at home — on the same day (!!) — which also happened to be a day that my van tire blew, and Kevin’s truck battery died. Whatever, man!  Party ALL DAY ANYWAY!

We also…

Went to the local Bear Hollow Zoo with friends to visit Santa in his workshop!


Celebrated Christmas with my parents and my sister’s family, celebrated with Kevin’s parents and his brother’s family, celebrated with my extended family and all of my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side, and managed to look at neighborhood Christmas lights, too!

Then we…

Got ready for Santa, and woke up super early…

To see that…SANTA CAME!

And then we fell asleep.


Merry Christmas!

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1 Response to Christmas.

  1. waymel says:

    Man, I’m such a Christmas slacker. You are amazing!

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