100 Hikes.

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New year, new goals!

Leading up to the new year, I kept trying to come up with a family outdoor-related goal, much like we did in 2015 when we visited a different Georgia State Park every month.  I had a  lot of ideas, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t quite muster up the enthusiasm I had for that 2015 goal.  (And 2015 was SO good!  I wanted something equally as good!)

Then my sister, Rachel, said she was going to try to do 100 hikes with her kids this year.   And that was it!  That was exactly the right thing!  It would be awesome, because we’d be doing a lot of them together (just because, that’s what we already do), and I was really excited about it because we’ve recently moved to a new area, and it’ll be fun to explore what’s around here.

I love having goals like this, because even though we get out a lot, having a goal makes me get out when sometimes I wouldn’t.

I’m pretty excited.  You guys already know that I’m a nut for Instagram and it’s my social media channel of choice, so I’ll be documenting there, but I’m also planning to document here, too.

My (completely made-up) rules are:

  1. Both my kids have to be there, but Kevin doesn’t.  I’m hoping he’ll be there for a lot of them, but his work/travel schedules are such that it’s not possible for him to be there for all of them.
  2. We can repeat hikes, but I’ll be making an effort not to.  I’m saying this because my kids go to school, and sometimes we may have to repeat nearby hikes, or we may just want to check one out again in a different season.
  3. Pics or it didn’t happen.

So that’s all I’ve got so far, but I think that’s all I’ll need!

This week we did hike #1 with Rachel and her kids, and it was great!  Seriously, if they all go this way, we’re in for a stellar year.

We hiked the Birchmore Trail at Memorial Park here in Athens, and we all just had the best time.  And Rachel and I made it more exciting by just guessing where the trail would lead us. (We guessed right, so yay!)

This hike wasn’t very long (1.25 mi), easy for our kids to do, had lots of things to look at, and had the bonus at being at Memorial Park, which is pretty much the best park.

The trail winds by a huge stone wall at one point, and it was beautiful! (And I looked it up later, and it was built by Fred Birchmore while he was in his 70’s!  Geez, man!)

We saw four deer run just past us on this hike too!  I mean, they were close!  It was amazing.

We saw a hawk up close, Tom brought his backpack of dinosaurs and he and Gus set up an entire dino world in a creek, and Alice was like…a hiking beast!  I don’t know how to describe it!  She climbed every rock and tree she could find!  She always wanted to lead. She wanted to show the boys the best way to get out of the creek.

At one point, she was climbing around a rock, put her hand on a root and it broke, sending her crashing into the cold water.  Did she cry? No!  And then right after that, she plopped her entire foot into the water too, and then just went about exploring like nothing happened.  No complaining, nothing.

Hiking beast!  I’ve never been more proud. Ha!

It was definitely a great way to start our 2018 goal, and I’m so happy we discovered this nearby trail.  I’m exciting to see what we get to explore next!







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  1. waymel says:

    Y’all are the coolest!

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